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Vittoria Mastercrossgrease monkey
Jan 18, 2004 5:56 AM
Hey hey! Does anyone have input on the use of Vittoria Mastercross or Tigre's? I am hoping to ride my road bike on dirt roads, and I can't afford a dedicated cross bike yet. Sooo...
...I think they will fit O.K. in the frame but the fork looks a bit tight. I'll know for sure when I actually try it. If there is a brake clearance problem the long reach Ultegra's may help. Anyone tried this route before? If it does work out O.K. I may be interested in a custom steel fork for the road bike with enough clearance for a 30mm tire and a canti mount. That way I could have a 27 in back and 30 in front. Thoughts?
re: Vittoria Mastercrossleatherlungs
Feb 4, 2004 5:32 PM
I did that years ago, it works ok. I used tigre front and master rear. If you are talking about clinchers be prepared for lots of flats if you are going to be trail riding with them. If you can find a really cheap cross fork it might be worth doing, otherwise I'd say just save your $$$ for a real cross frame/fork/bike. As long as you put plenty of lbs in those baddies you'll be all set for the trails.