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Columbia Cyclocross #3 - pics and words(2 posts)

Columbia Cyclocross #3 - pics and wordscyclochip
Jan 14, 2004 8:13 AM
A group of Memphis riders went up to the Columbia, TN cyclocross race this past Sunday. It was the last race in their series of 3.

The course was fairly challenging, but then again, I've been racing on JS Haiku Shop's twisted creations for a while now. The only parts in Columbia that gave me any problems were the two long uphill climbs. One was so ugly I felt compelled to take a picture of just the hill.
JSHS described the course pretty much to a T, so I won't bother trying to do that. I agree with his assesment that this was primarily a MTB course, especially all the singletrack. The only place I could imagine a 'crosser being an advantage would be the long pavement section.

One thing I remember from competing in the Columbia race last year is that they don't like people bunnyhopping barriers. They stressed it again this year, but on the first lap, on the first set of barriers, a guy bunnyhopped them, to a rousing chorus of boos and other such remarks. I believe he ended up getting disqualified.
The placement of the barriers only ENCOURAGED bunnyhopping. Even in sets of three barriers, there was about 10 feet (if not more) between barriers. I think if you're gonna set them up like that, you should allow someone to hop them.

That withstanding, it was a pretty fun race. I like riding in the slippery stuff they seem to have a lot of up there, and it's always nice to get out of town and have a change of venue. It was my second year to attend a race there, and I'd have no doubts about attending another one there.

My pictures of the A race are located here:

Apologies for not knowing any names. No A racers from Memphis made the trip. And, I'm sorry some of the pictures are kinda grainy. I'd played around with camera settings the day before, and neglected to change them back. Hence the poor quality. I think they're still worth looking at, though. =)
re: Barrier HoppingJS Haiku Shop
Jan 14, 2004 8:51 AM
USAC cyclocross rules state any manner of crossing barriers is acceptable, so long as you're not going around them (avoiding). bunny-hopping barriers is totally legal, and if someone was DQ'd for it, then the USCF needs to be notified. singletrack of this nature was beyond "bending" the rules, but for some flava, it was a nice change and not disappointing. however, discouraging bunny-hopping and (if this is correct) DQ-ing a rider for doing so is waaaay beyond the spirit of cc AND the rules under the USCF permit. i sincerely hope this was not the case.