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Wide 'cross slicks: Fast Fred, Mythos or WormDrive CX?(3 posts)

Wide 'cross slicks: Fast Fred, Mythos or WormDrive CX?GlowBoy
Jan 13, 2004 9:09 PM
Looking for a slick fattie (700x40 or larger) to run up front on road and mostly-paved rides once Spring rolls around. Seems like the choices are:

  • Schwalbe Fast Fred 700x40. $31 direct (ouch).
  • IRC Mythos 700x42. $19 at
  • Maxxis WormDrive 700x42. $19 on sale at cambria.

    I'm looking for something that rolls fast, has at least marginal capabilities on dirt and is tough enough to handle occasional gravel. This tire will be mostly used on pavement though - I have other tires I can use for more dirt-oriented riding.

    I'm leaning towards the Maxxis because it's about 100g lighter than the other two (basically 400g vs. 500g) and it's cheap. On the other hand, maybe the Schwalbe would roll better since its max psi is 85 instead of 75 and it's a famously fast tire anyway. If I were a little more confident that it would be faster than the Maxxis, I'd probably be willing to spend the extra bucks on it.

    Anyone used any of these or have other feedback?
  • re: Wide 'cross slicks: Fast Fred, Mythos or WormDrive CX?atpjunkie
    Jan 13, 2004 10:44 PM
    Geax Reverts in 38's (wire bead 490 g sorry about the weight) great commuter on and off. hooks up in dirt well and is a great road tire. Descended at 40 plus on them, little side loop 'knobs' were a tad funny in the corners (at speed), just took some getting used to. 38 is small for what you are looking for but I found these big enough and perfect for what you are looking for.
    re: Wide 'cross slicks: Fast Fred, Mythos or WormDrive CX?jrm
    Jan 14, 2004 9:46 AM
    Theres also the panaracer tserv 700 x 42. More expensive but worth it. I ride 23c GP 3000's and theyre great.