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Columbia - how what is Memphis group?(5 posts)

Columbia - how what is Memphis group?J2
Jan 12, 2004 8:33 AM
hey guys/gals, how was the trip and the race? you didn't miss anything here. i rode to the 5k cross run, todd was a no show but also didn't reply to email. run was good, tried to keep up with steve but that was a no no, then rode a few miles on the way home. everyone was wondering how ya'll did.
re: Columbia - how what is Memphis group?JS Haiku Shop
Jan 12, 2004 9:42 AM
TN has some guests at work this week and last. no time for "real life".

drive was quick. arrived and found WH, JG, CycloChip, JK, and SW, plus A and J. pre-walked the course, with butterflies in the stomach. nice climbs, sub-sadistic barrier placement, OK course marking. could have been much tougher, but i guess that's not what it's always about.

A and J were pre-riding the course, about 2-3 minutes from the start, when they started. no warning (they gave the A race a 5-minute warning, with an air horn). so scrambling to get on was a disaster. talk about a too-fast start!

the first 1/4 or so mile of the route was pan-flat pavement (park service road), with a quartering head/sidewind from the left. 180* right turn at the end, into a short but somewhat painful gravel road climb. 90* left turn into mowed grass, then 3 barriers. 90* left into long snaking muddy downhill section. bottom of downhill, 90* right into ~2+ minutes of muddy singletrack, some technical (no passing room at all). singltrack dumped into 90* right of long uphill climb in soft grass (later to become mud), with 2 barriers at the very top. 90* left into false flat soft grass mowed gentle chicanes, which s-curved right into hillclimb with 3-barrier off-camber run. then follow service road through grassy field, around fenced recycling center, more chicanes through trees & s-curves, through double pit area and crossing grassy finish line, down hill through parking lot and back to 1/4 mile of pavement.

personally, i was cooked early-on chasing to get on the pack. it never happened. then, a couple laps into the race (8-9 min laps?), the mtb would not shift out of the little ring--kept jamming between little and middle. had to dismount a few times to rip it free. pulled a 1997 Riis and tossed the bike a few yards. this seemed to clear my chain problem, once and for all. A had been chasing on 1x1 this whole time, then caught and dropped me by 2+ minutes. not sure how, but A managed to keep the gap, even spinning inhuman cadence on the long flat road, where i was getting aero over the mtb bars and pushing well in excess of 20 mph. finally caught SW and pulled CycloChip back a couple times, just as JK & JG were lapping me on the singletrack.

fun course. nice not having to set it up before riding. looks like it was actually setup the day before. would return, but with ss mtb & low gear ratio, or **functioning** mtb. IMHO this was a MTB course with some barriers thrown in. no offense intended--it was greatly enjoyed and well worth the drive out & back. would (will) go again for next race or series, provided no date conflict.
sad I didn't get to racelenfutn
Jan 13, 2004 7:35 AM
Sounds like you had a good time. I didn't show because my car blew up on the way - threw a rod. Maybe you saw the smoking red saturn on the side of I65 just south of Nashville.

So not only did I not get to race, but I got to spend yesterday selling my car to the salvage yard and buying a new one.

VERY bummed I did not get to race the last race of this series. I guess there will be next season.
re: Columbia - how what is Memphis group?lodgeone
Jan 14, 2004 5:52 AM
JS - I didn't realize that there were memphis folks there. I will be posting a bunch of pictures of the race soon. What was your number? I am sure that between my wife and I that we got some pictures of you.
re: Columbia - how what is Memphis group?JS Haiku Shop
Jan 14, 2004 6:20 AM
can't recall#. viking beard, blue helmet, red gary fisher jersey & warmers, voler tights, and the look of imminent death.