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Frame size dillemma..(4 posts)

Frame size dillemma..Setzer
Jan 11, 2004 5:01 AM
Hi all,

I have a small problem. I can get a great deal on a Kinesis Crosslight Pro frame but I'm not sure which size I need.
I'm planning to use it as my commuter/road bike for the summer and racing in the winter. It will be ss/fixed with a White Eno hub. So wheel base will vary.

Here are some facts (metric sizes, sorry):
On my MTB I have a reach of 59 cm (tip of the seat, center of the bar).
On the Cross frame I would have a reach of 63 cm.
This 4 cm longer, but if I ride on the bar ends of mt mtb I end up having the same reach. Tried this yesterday and didn't stretch out my arms completly, slight bend in them.

Also if i would take the 54 I would ride with a 90mm stem, is this "normal" in cx or am I better of with a shorter 52.5 cm bike and a longer.

I made some drawing with sizes I hope that you understand it. I used a 90 mm stem for both CX bikes. Please help me out here, I cannot see the frame in real life I need your advice.

Any links to older sizing post are welcome to.

thanks in advance.
re: Frame size dillemma..Jan Gerrit Klok
Jan 11, 2004 11:12 AM
What always worked for me, was to go ~45mm shorter in the TT+ stem total.
616+130mm MTB is perfect, so are my 600+100mm CX bikes.
580+120mm CX was okay, but less racey and I kept hitting my knees to the headtube.

Good luck!


PS. Oh, and do consider the Surly Cross-check as an option (and not because I just so happen to sell them), which saves you the purchase of chi-chi ENO hub. You know you'd rather use it for your MTB... ;-) Read race report above, if I manage to get it up here.
re: Frame size dillemma..Setzer
Jan 11, 2004 2:00 PM
Hey J,

My crossframe is way lighter then the crosscheck, also a plus for me (a big one actually). Not being really heavy myself. Plus it has an option for discs, not using it now but could use in the feature. And I got a really, really good deal.

Maybe I'll buy two Eno's one for the new bike, one for the Wanga :). Or maybe a wanga one...

Back to the original topic, so you say 45 mm less then my current mtb setup.
This make it 570 + 120 mm = 690mm, so 540 + 90mm + 80mm (for the bars)= 710. With this calculation I would end up with 20 mm longer reach.
Going for the 525 + 90 + 80mm= 695mm, This would be the perfect size.
Meaning I would need the bike with 525mm toptube, right?

re: Frame size dillemma..Jan Gerrit Klok
Jan 13, 2004 12:53 AM
In the 45mm, the drop bars are already taken into account!
540+105/120=645/660 sounds like it should work.