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Smells Like Cross - full series overviewJ2
Jan 5, 2004 8:29 AM
well, this past saturday was J's "SLC" series grand finale and the weather gods held off what was supposed to have been 3 days of rain (we still had one good day of rain so the course was still pretty wet in areas) and showed their appreciation by giving us partly cloudy skies and temps in the 60's. and we needed it as the course was tough with 6 barrier runs, uphill runs, finally some good patches of biking where i could actually strech the legs out and shift a few times, and lastly a grueling wet, muddy, no traction hill climb that saw over 50% having to walk it. overall, a course that had something for everyone, it was great! but let's look back at all of em'.

#1 - for a guy that had never done anything like this (putting on a race instead of just racing), you could not tell, the course was awesome, sunny skies with game time temps around 35-40. the best way to describe it was 'it's a party up in here' atmosphere. i'll go on to #2 as this one had a lot of action on the board. best memory - the mud bog section!

#2 - J gave in and took some of the huge volunteer help he had been offered to get the course ready earlier and was rewarded in that he got to race himself. this was the first of the themed races where the SS guys/gals wore the opposite sex under garments. i still see these images in my nightmares! but it was great - girls in the tightie whities, guys in the thongs, hottie panties, bras, nighties, you name it. this race saw the attendance start to grow, more spectators, the PA system, you could tell things were starting to go big time. the weather gods hit us with rain the day before and that night for a muddy course so the mud splatter up the back of all the cross dressers just added to my nightmares! but the course was another good one, albet a serious thigh burner due to all the rain coupled with a super slick hill climb and some very sick and demented barrier placements!! best memory - unfortunately the images of all the SS racers!

#3 - this was the next themed round, the mullet/redneck round. yours truley won the mullet contest and my PBR plaque will hang proudly in my garage/shop. but this one saw some interesting wigs come out, flannel shirts, a reba macintyre tour jacket, rednect t-shirts, but to win the contest you had to race in this garb. still waiting to see the pics of this one as this was a see to believe race. weather gods gave temps around freezing but at last a mostly sunny and dry course that would have seen some major speed except for the cruel and outright mean barrier placements! who puts a barrier at the very top of a steep hill that already has no traction! and you guessed it, there was major carnige on this hill. and add to the fact that J was finally starting to feel good about the series and have fun with everyone, he decided to throw in a lemans start for good kicks. oh yeah, nothing like being out of breathe BEFORE you get on the bike. but this one was another huge success and all the volunteer help was just overwhelming! best memory - dr. sonny barrier atop the rather steep, muddy, no traction, $*%&%^, hill climb!

#4 - having pure fun now, J threw in another lemans start with a downhill after you got on your bike for approx 50 yards just to get slapped in the face by your first barrier at the bottom of a hill climb. oh yeah, nothing like splitting the field within 100 yards of the race huh! can you say pain and suffering, only to get with the first paragragh mentioned mud hill on the back side. but this race saw the best attendance, biggest spectator turnout, door prizes out the ying yang and best of all, when it was over, no one wanted to leave!!! J actually got choked up by the huge 5 min round of applause at the end. the local newpaper came out and the race made the front page of the metro section, the volunteer help was so great that by the time i had finished running my mouth and giving out all the trophies, prize bags, door prizes, special prizes and J's gigantic
re: Smells Like Cross - full series overview (cont)J2
Jan 5, 2004 8:40 AM
J's gigantic round of applause and gift from RC (he got a shop stool for his almost finished shop/garage) the course had already almost been taken down! best memory - water splinker at the the 6 barrier run!

overview - just a huge major success that mere words can't describe. this was an event that will be talked about and remembered and cherished for years to come. and i think i can speak for all that participated in that i truely hope it continues for a long time! and lastly, Thank You J for doing this, we have been threw a lot over our past 3+ years of riding, we have had some great times together on our famous john and jeff trips, and have had just a few not so great times but we're still here together, and you did a good thing with this series! best overall memory - hanging around afterwards and all of us just sitting there smiling, no words, just smiling and knowing and reflecting.
your friend,
me and rest of our 'gang'.
awesome, thanks!!!JS Haiku Shop
Jan 5, 2004 9:07 AM
a true labor of love, this series. but so many shady and formerly mysterious parts of putting on a race or series have been illuminated for me, and the future holds great potential. exciting. and daunting--much work, much begging for sponsorship, much thought.

thanks again for taking care of the door prizes, series awards, and all the talk and face time after the race. i'm horrible in front of groups, and often uncomfortable with most people, one on one. not a "people person". which is why it's funny to find myself putting on the series, organizing rides, and heading the local club. how did that work out? LOL.

unexpected, the applause following the event. RC's contribution and the outpouring as the group was broken up were totally unnecessary, but so very much appreciated. i was touched and very emotional, and combined with loading the car that AM, setting up the course, racing, and a little pressure between the ears, you guys are lucky i was still able to talk and stand upright.

thanks again! what a full three months it's been since this all started on october 8. now it's like a sickness.