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cyclocross series: it's finally over (general cross-post)(3 posts)

cyclocross series: it's finally over (general cross-post)JS Haiku Shop
Jan 5, 2004 7:12 AM
Check out this artcle on the race series (from our local paper). It occupied about 65% of the front page of the Metro section yesterday--Sunday's paper is in color here.

Finally, it's over. Five weeks, four races (skipped the holiday weekend), an exceptional learning and growth experience.

Big thanks to everyone who helped, in every way.

I have a special appreciation of all series sponsors.

Our latest sponsor? Consumer Review. Thanks, Gregg, for the socks & schwag!

A couple pics for your entertainment: this is how the course got back to my house after the race.

I'm so very, very tired. Happily so.


close up:
series finale- my review of SLC #4...eggshell
Jan 5, 2004 8:29 AM
Jan 3 marked the end of the Smells Like Cross series organized by our very own J's Haiku Shop.the course was an absolutely brutal mix energy sapping mayhem that we all learned to expect from our fearless leader/organizer. my review to follow:

a lemans start once again this week launched us into an uphill climb to a single mid-hill barrier that had most finishing the hill on foot. a brief muddy run to another barrier led to a section through the soggy woods where yours truly went down hard twice(on the second crash I ripped my saddle from the rails and had to ride the last 3/4 of the race standing!).the twisty wooded section ended through a 10 foot ravine(some rode,some ran)and fed a flat section on a levee allowing the rider a chance to catch his breath. a small jump barrier on the levee fed a small downhill section with another jump barrier at the bottom. from there a hairpin turn led uphill,across a short flat and back downhill to a gravel road,the only speed section of the course.a slight uphill to the pavillion,where riders were cheered on by spectators, fed another dismount barrier before hair-pinning into a nasty,slick climb to another too-brief flat gravel road.J's deviance now reared it's ugly head as the rider was greeted with a sprinkler-soaked,shoe- sucking grass section of six barriers feeding a slippery rolling section ending in a vicious muddy climb to the back section of the course.the rider recovered on short paved/gravel trip through the lot to a slight uphill then downhill,rooted section feeding the start/finish all the course covered about 3 miles.

I would like to express my extreme thanks to J for all he has done over the last few weeks to keep the racing spirit alive in Memphis.I can't even imagine how many hours he has dedicated to making this series happen.without the passion of individuals like J,riders in this area would have no opportunity to meet,compete and build relationships that carry on into the future.being new to cycling,this was my first ever experience with any kind of organized cycling event.I can only hope that any future events I enter will be as inspiring as this one.J, I would follow into battle anytime,anywhere.I hope to see those I met through this series on the roads and trails soon.
Nice article. Congrats on a successful season, J! (nm)jtferraro
Jan 5, 2004 8:52 AM