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JS Haiku Shop's race is FAMOUS!!!(2 posts)

JS Haiku Shop's race is FAMOUS!!!cyclochip
Jan 4, 2004 12:06 PM
It's in the local paper today! ;)

Here's a link to the web version of the story.,1426,MCA_437_2550459,00.html

I'll post my pics and story later. But let it be known:

No, Chip, YOU are The Man!...JS Haiku Shop
Jan 4, 2004 8:33 PM
and now you must come back and race the mtb series.

there will be pain. not as much. but quite a bit.

your pictures are telling. you, however you earn a living, have missed your predilection--if it's not photography. an amazing set of pictures, so far. you catch them at the right times and places, and your use of background, environ, and negative space--it's as though you intendto make a statement with your images. Very Nice.

Thank You!