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yo J's Haiku...preview for SLC #4 or...(4 posts)

yo J's Haiku...preview for SLC #4 or...eggshell
Jan 2, 2004 2:44 PM
are you keeping the details to your deviant, bearded self?? trying to figure out how much pasta to eat tonight!
-yours in crossedness
YOU, MY SERVANTS, GET NO PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JS Haiku Shop
Jan 3, 2004 8:38 PM

besides, i change them betweenp preview and reality, anyhow!

holy sh!t this was a sick course today.

I am only able to type with my index finger.

what a sick course.

good to see you there. sorry so unsociable. too much in the works. setup (4 AM), scoring, series scoring, prizes, awards, trophies, administration, city park stuff, breakdown of the course, cleanup, unpacking, blah, blah, blah.

holy crap this was alot of my life in just a few weeks.

you guys are my heroes. to ride these courses and be competitive, and come back after (each) the last one, was tough.

but i'll tell you what: those who b!tched that it was too hard, can kiss my booty. and those who didn't, would have (guaranteed!) complained without end if it were easier.

this was the best thing i've done all year, and perhaps in my entire life. i think it's a calling. putting on each race is more difficult than a hilly double century, without training. riding them is tougher than, well, there aren't words, after setting up for 4 hours. and then...well, i love you guys, for just putting up with my sick courses.

but you're not getting my bud light.

each race date is like a veiled dream. and after it's over, it is a cherished recollection. i cannot tell you what these last 6 weeks have done to my life. i am, without reservation, wholly dedicated to You Who Have Raced.

more later. now, i'm going for another adult beverage, to quell the throbbing in my knee and wrists.

SLC '03 Race Director
And Your Hmuble Servant
YOU, MY SERVANTS, GET NO PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mellicent
Jan 3, 2004 9:16 PM
Thanks for the great series! You put on an outstanding event and the volunteers that assisted were fantastic. It was especially cool getting my entry fees refunded today. That was certainly an unexpected and certainly an unnecessary touch... but I am not complaining! Have an awesome year and I will see you at the Trail running series. I bet you are glad someone else is putting this series on. - Freewheelin' Franklin
yo, SF:JS Haiku Shop
Jan 4, 2004 8:19 PM
the mtb series will be cake compared to setting up barriers and tape. i am looking forward to it, and to an especially interesting & entertaining time trial series. i'm always glad to see you come out racing, supporting th scene, and kickingn everybody's butt. wow, you only beat J2 by 2 points in the series!!! fight! there's gonna be a fight!!!

yes i am glad the cross-country run series is being hosted by MRTC. at least i don't have to get up too early! 2 PM is a nice time and i'm considering that for the next 'cross season. more time to setup, more time for the day to warm, and more time to get there from parts removed.

my garage is still full of 'cross stuff, and i'll be happy when it's all organized, marked, stored, and the USCF is paid and happy.

this series has been a turn of chance, a destined opportunity, and i'm happy it's f@#$ing over. too much work. i'm always offeneded to be lapped, but expecially by J2. i'm that fast. but just tired. and tonight i'm bone-tired and ready to hibernate for a week.

what a grand success and awesome accomplishment. if putting these on 2-4 times per year meant not riding at all, i'd to it, without question. i'm so happy to see you guys fight it out. this is worth such a great deal to me. "thanks" are unnecessary--your attendance is more than enough appreciation for the collective effort required in bringing this to fruition.