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Shifter issue with xt setup. Any help.(7 posts)

Shifter issue with xt setup. Any help.mheat
Jan 1, 2004 11:02 AM
I'm having problems trying to use ultegra sti shifters with xt cranks, front and rear derails. I can get it to shift on the center ring and either inner or outer ring, but not both. I read the thread on mixing mountain and road components and even purchased the rsx front der to solve this. Even though I got the right size, its too tight for my frame and I don't want to clamp it on.

I noticed on the kelly webite they use mountain components with Downtube 9 spd Dura Ace SIS shifters. I know nothing about them, are they much different than Ultegras? Or are they ultegras too?

Is anyone using all mountain stuff with road shifters? I'd appreciate info.
re: Shifter issue with xt setup. Any
Jan 1, 2004 2:35 PM
The RSX should work if you get it in the correct clamp size. If not...

The Shimano Dura-Ace downtube or bar-end shifters have a friction mode in the left shifter which allows them to work with either a road or mountain front deralleur. The issue is the "indexed" cable pull which is different for mountain and road front derailliers but in friction mode it is no longer an issue.

I have heard that many "crossers" like the bar-end (or called bar-cons) becasue they are less likely to break if you crash and are cheaper to replace if you need too.

hope this helps!
Great info thanks. So.....mheat
Jan 1, 2004 3:55 PM
if I wanted to keep the STI shifter and rear xt derailer and cassette, how much of the middle would I have to change to road components? The crankset AND front derailer?

Would I be able to use any of the following?

STI shifters, xt front der, xt rear der, xt cassette, ultegra double crankset.


STI shifters, ultegra front derailer, ultegra triple crankset, xt rear der. and xt cassette.

Is there anyway the bottom bracket used for xt crankset can work with ultegra set

Thanks for the great info.
Great info thanks.
Jan 3, 2004 2:49 PM
The issue is the front derailluers are NOT interchangable between road and mountain becasue of cable pull (the rears are the same in terms of pull) and the different ring sizes.

Cranks are different as well becasue they have different chainlines (43.5 road double, 45mm road triple, and mountain triple is 47.5). Basically think of the front and rear as individual "packages" that will work together within the same speed (i.e. 7,8, 0r 9).


Use an XT casette and rear derailleur with an Ultegra Double front derailluer, Double crank, and Double BB, and STI.

Use an XT casette and rear derailleur with an Ultegra Triple front derailluer, Triple crank, and Triple BB, and STI.
Before you spend any more $$$ try thisTWD
Jan 2, 2004 10:03 PM
I'm runing 105 sti levers with an LX mtb front der. and race face triple crank (24,36,48).

The only thing I did differently to make it work, is to switch the derailluer cable to the opposite side of the fixing bolt. Doing this changes the leverage ratio on the front der. slightly. It was enough to make the setup work for me, and it shifts as good or better than my MTB.

I set the derailluer up the same way you would on any setup, so nothing special here other than moving the cable over from the side of the bolt it normally passes on, to the other side.

I don't know if it will work in your case, but it's a fix that will only take a few minutes to try and won't cost you anything.

If it does work, you can keep you STI levers and save some $$ not buying any more components you may not need.

Give it a try, it might work.
Thanks ss and TWDmheat
Jan 4, 2004 4:43 PM
Great info, I've got it now. I'm away for the holidays, but when I get home I'll start wrenching.
Thanks ss and TWDatpjunkie
Jan 8, 2004 10:12 AM
I ran Ultegra STI's and an XTR Drivetrain (Fr.and Rear Der. and Crank (triple)) with an Ultegra 12-29 cassette.
Never had a problem with the shifting. Took the STI's and threw them on a roadbike whose Ult. STI's had died (return spring right shifter, what else) and replaced with bar cons as they are cheaper and more reliable.