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SLC #3-J strikes again.. a view from the back(2 posts)

SLC #3-J strikes again.. a view from the backeggshell
Dec 22, 2003 9:00 AM
Smell Like Cross #3 proved to be another challenging test both mentally and physically this week. No rain in Elvisville this week had us all hoping for a faster track. J obviously lost sleep this week coming up with this demanding course. Here's my report from the back of the pack in C class.

This weeks course started with a nasty rooted and leaf-laden uphill section that climbed to the first barrier. A descent on singletrack/pavement/gravel led to one of the most creative sections to date. The first small barrier allowed some riders to bunny-hop to the set of twisting,downhill,S-shaped section of barriers leading to a drop to a gravel road. From there the gravel road led to a uphill dirt/packed grass section that fed the next set of barriers. The next set of barriers was an uphill climb over three barriers that made a hairpin turnaround to another downhill single barrier(thanks alot J)feeding another uphill grass section to the final climb to the last barrier to the levee.Whew! The grass levee allowed a short chance to catch your breath before descending into wooded singletrack,a short climb to gravel,and another descent to a hairy squeeze between the lake and a hay-baled-protected picnic table. From there the rider climbed through more gravel and roots to the last barrier of the day. Another downhill singletrack fed a nasty hairpin turn in thick gravel to the start/finish line where the pain started all over again.

Extra series points were given to the single speed rider in the best redneck garb. Mullet wigs,cut-off jeans and confederate flags had us all laughing pre-race. Thanks once again to J and his volunteers for drinks,'vittles',and an eclectic mix of piped in music(think 'my Addidas' followed by DK 'Holiday in Cambodia')!

A two week,much needed break leads us to the last race in the series. The points race for the hardware is tightening and the final race should be a good one. I personally can't wait. J, you rock my brother!
back my arse!JS Haiku Shop
Dec 22, 2003 10:15 AM
yes, i laid the smack down on my peeps this weekend.

back? a shining second place after your C victory last week. and you were 11th overall out of 25, and the first 2 finishers were "A" guys on singlespeeds, so you really can't count them.

after last week's 39/18 grind, i broke out 9 cogs and 3 chainrings this weekend. hard lesson learned: planting twelve 10-foot 12x2 pressure treated barriers, plus a 2x6x10' jump barrier, 52 pieces of reabar, 50 poles, and 3000 feet of tape, preceeding a race--well, let's just say it's not the best warmup for a good performance. i actually finished 13th overall, but rode "B", and was lapped or nearly so by the entire B field. and it was "fun".

I had some big chainring action going on the levee and gravel roads, but still couldn't catch you guys. the women's winner this weekend chased you the entire race, and i was hot on her heels, but it seems we were all locked in place. you were going really well there--she's an adventure racer, ultrarunner, and a monster on the road bike.

this course didn't favor anybody. i think the challenges were placed such that very small sections interspersed pretty much in thirds through the course gave riders an option: hammer or recover. tough choices all around.

my favorite part? drop into gravel 90* left turn after wooded & barriered chicanes, get the 52/12 rolling and lean into the corners, only to round the picnic table at the lake and drop into 30/27 immediately and grind 50 rpm up the hill. loved it. turned out better than expected.

thanks for coming back for more pain. next week will be "unique".