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Kingston RI Saturday, what can I expect?(12 posts)

Kingston RI Saturday, what can I expect?buffalosorrow
Dec 16, 2003 11:15 AM
I am making the 3 hour drive for my final race of the season. Looking at (whom changes forecasts every waking minute) calls for a wintery mix in the high 30's/low40's.

Whats the course like? UCI events are typically fast and minimal in the barrier department. Any clues or hints greatly appreciated.

I'm considering going...jtferraro
Dec 16, 2003 2:15 PM
3 hour drive, eh? Where are you coming from? I did my first cx race this past Sat. and I'm now considering going to South Kington, too - especially knowing it's practically the last race of the season (in the area)! Speaking of this race, is it South Kingston or South Kingstown? and the event's own website list it as the latter name - "town". Another discrepancy (not that it matters much) is that I've seen it listed as 40 mins on but as a 30 min race on the event's website. Whatever the case, I can tell you (from my very limited experience) that based upon the one UCI CX event I watched (the previous Verge New England CX Championship Race, #4, The Chainbiter 5.0 in Farmington, CT) you are correct - fast course, only 1 double barrier and 1 run-up. This was the complete opposite of the course I did this past Saturday! Right Dave? ;-)

re-RI W.E. Stedmanbuffalosorrow
Dec 16, 2003 5:30 PM
On mapquest, map portions, reads as South Kingston.

C mens is typically 30minutes, perhaps plus one lap, depending on promoter.

What did you ride on saturday? Mansfield Ct? I was there. Raced both C and B. MTB skills needed for that one!

Dec 16, 2003 6:15 PM
I rode a red C'dale mtb. I flatted 3/4 the way through my final lap, though! :( Yup, Mansield CT - The Thread City CX. That's cool that you ran both C & B races. How did you do in each one?

Hi guys!pitt83
Dec 16, 2003 6:43 PM
1.) It's Kingston. Not sure where the other spelling started.

2.) Probably depends on lap time. The officials probably don't want only 3-4 laps. If it's a long course, 40 min, short, 30 min. That's a guess if it's 7 minutes per lap, 30 would be 4-5. If it's 9, then you'd need to go 40.

3.) Course SHOULD be more like Farmington and less like Mansfield. Mansfield was OK and I had fun, but it was definately not a true CX course. It was, however, a fun bike race and fair for each of us, right? One guy left before the strt mumbling about how the course wasn't "In the spirit of cross". He needs to quit reading message boards and start riding more. Suck it up; we all ride the same course. Not like it was him only out there. (rant over now)

4.) Probably UCI legal course meaning only one man-made barrier. Farmington was great that way; just lot's of sand.

5.) I hope a bit more pavement and at least one good bike handling turn of 180 or so. Those are always sketchy and you'll test yourself to see how little speed you're willing to scrub off.

See you Sat. AM. I'll be in the Pfizer kit with the black cross-check. I'll hang at the finish line after our race to check places? Verge series has done a good job of having them up quickly.

Eric...forgot to ask...what are you riding? (nm)jtferraro
Dec 16, 2003 8:47 PM
Dec 17, 2003 6:08 AM
I placed 2nd in the C, and 7th in B. My good friend took first, he was able to ride and hop the logs, a clear advantage. I was riding a colnago and was scared to death of the large root drop, I built up enough courage to ride it in the B race, much better.

To answer an earlier Q, I live just outside of NYC. I'll shoot up 95 and should'nt take more than 3hrs, the return home will be hell...4-5hrs with traffic.

Take some time to look over the tufo site,
they have or will soon be releasing 26" MTB tubular/clinchers, no more flats, glue, roll-offs...they are great for cyclocross.
Dec 17, 2003 7:32 AM
Congrats on your 2nd place C finish...AND...7th place B finish! How many cx races do you have under your belt? Did you friend take first in the C? Was he able to hop all the logs or just certain ones? Either way, that's awesome! Next question, was he on a mtb or cx bike? Does your friend have tattoos on his legs? I remember seeing somebody in C w/a 'nago, too. Fortunately for me...on my mtb I had no fears of the root drop. I walked it the first time (b/c everybody else was) but then rode it each subsequent time.

I believe my flat was caused by a pinch-flat. My tires initially had way too much air. While registering, I let some air out of each tire but b/c I didn't have a pressure gauge or pump (back at car), I had no idea exactly how much air I let out. :( After my race we visited my LBS. While there, I replaced the tube and checked to see what caused the flat. There were two "snake bite" holes (next to one another). The shop owner said that was indicative of a pinch flat and told me that I probably had a tad bit of tube caught under the tire's bead when I installed and pumped the tire up. He then illustrated to me how to go around the tire's bead before pumping it up to make sure you don't see any tube. Sounds pretty basic, I know, but it wasn't something that I normally checked before pumping.

First full seasonbuffalosorrow
Dec 17, 2003 10:03 AM
Last year I had a small handfull of races and this season, I decided to race all out. 17 races so far and 18 for the season after RI. I have been racing two a weekend for the month of november. I am at the goal I had set, podium places in C. Next season I attack B, Third A. I have no real cylcing experience, not road nor MTB, just a small courier background (work durring school).

To answer some of your Q's.
Yes my friend took 1st in C, on his custom Viscious rigid 29'er, disc brake and all. He has MTB skills, although I can beat him most of the time, overall faster pace and stamina. On the other side he kills me on the bad conditions, ie snow, mud, natural technical rides. He was able to hop both single logs, not the double or triple and bombed the root drop, in the C race I tried to run that and lost a good amount fo time each lap...We have a strong friendly rival!

I am the rider with the tat's on my leg, racing in the CT chill with shorts.
sounds like you're making significant progress...jtferraro
Dec 17, 2003 1:37 PM
Holy cow - 18 races after RI, eh? 2 races/weekend for Nov?! Wow! I'll have to aim any cx newbie questions to you! =)

OK, I remember seeing your friend's 29" disc brake bike, too. That's awesome that he wa log jumping, especially considering we approached that 2nd single log from the side (as opposed to head on). Was he looping out to the right before hopping it?

Last question - what is "CT chill".

sounds like you're making significant progress...buffalosorrow
Dec 17, 2003 3:27 PM

I never saw him hopping the logs, but would guess so.

Ct chill, a few degrees colder than NYC! Must be all the people + buildings...

I started racing and placed near top ten, most races, worked a bit on effort and nailed a solid top ten, then set out for podium places. I would love to go to europe, and have them teach me a lesson...if you watch any euro race they are fast! out of the saddle, sprinting 1/2 the time.

Hope to see you in RI, come up and say hi, I am a bit out of it/ focused so dont mind me, much more friendly in the car...cross my fingers for 1st in C's aiming for it!
And for the one lap challenge!
Dec 17, 2003 6:49 PM
Did you start racing w/a mtb last year, or did you start w/a cx specific bike? Yeah, I hear them Belgians kick some arse!

I will come up and say "Hey, Eric!". I'm also looking forward to meeting Dave (w/the black Surly Cross-Check).

Good Luck for 1st in C's! Sounds like you have it coming. =) Did you ride in Farmington, CT - Chainbiter 5.0? I don't think you did. If I'm wrong, how did you place and how many riders rode "C" that day?'re going for the 1 lap challenge too?! Cool, cool. Maybe I'll still be there to cheer you on! Is your friend coming, too?