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Mavic Reflex 36 Hole = Clydedale Race Rims?(8 posts)

Mavic Reflex 36 Hole = Clydedale Race Rims?DavidK
Dec 15, 2003 11:56 AM
Nashbar has a nice looking deal in their newest catalog (back cover)- Mavic Reflex rims (Tubular,36 hole) for $20.00 each. I am thinking about putting together a race wheelset and want some opinions about these rims. I weigh 210 and am not to rough on my equipment. Although I had been thinking about Aeroheads I am very tempted by this deal. So, does anyone have any thoughts?

I currently ride MA3s with Kenda Kross Supremes so I am pretty certain that the new wheels will feel much faster.

Thanks. David K.
re: Mavic Reflex 36 Hole = Clydedale Race Rims?Dan Cas
Dec 15, 2003 6:53 PM
That combo would probably survive OK,but I would choose a different combo.The Open's would be lighter when dry,but would trap more mud between the closely spaced spokes and end up heavier than a lower spoke- count wheel and be harder to clean.

An option to consider would be a deeper V shaped rim and a lower spoke count-maybe 32 rear and 28 front if you are not using disc brakes.The V shape spins mud off better and the increased distance between the spokes traps less mud.(thats why spinergy's are/were so popular).

The most common rims you may find will be Mavic CXP-30's(discontinued) and Velocity deep V's.I weigh 200+and the deeper rims are holding up great for me.A 20front and 24 rear are trouble free on my road bike.

re: agree, V-shaped betterrichpierce
Dec 16, 2003 9:19 AM
I agree, the reflexes are good rims but not as strong as V-shaped rims. I had a friend run into a car and bend his fork and his training wheels built with Mavic CXP-30s, 3x, 14 ga spokes, 32 holes, did not taco or even need truing. It was freaking amazing.

I am running Ritchey "aero" rims I got cheap and these are semi-V and light, no eyelets, not a machined braking surface. I asked the seller if he'd recommend for cyclocross and he said, "too light". But they built up very well (3 cross, 14 ga spokes) and are holding up great (2 seasons racing plus plenty of trail rides, real MTB trails). I weigh 180 in cross season and am known to be hard on equipment.
I will look for Vs. Thank You Both. n.m.DavidK
Dec 16, 2003 6:24 PM
from a Clydesdale.atpjunkie
Dec 16, 2003 9:26 PM
I'm 230-235 and here's my rim list.
Rigida SHC 500 Tubulars. 32 hole 3x, slight vee, great rim can be had for about $40 a pair on ebay, tend to squeal certain brake pads. I like this rim though.
Velocity Aeroheads, 32 hole 3x, great rim, taken heaps of abuse slight vee as well, find the tubie version if you wanna go that way.
Velocity Fusion, 32 hole 3x, a cross between the Aerohead and deep vee. Not as heavy as the deep vee and with a wider footprint for bigger tire. Deep Vees are too narrow to run bigger CX tires IMHO. A great combo is the Fusion rear Aerohead F. Aerohead saves some weight and Fr. wheel takes less abuse. If you can find tubie versions are great selection. I've run OP's (clincher version of the reflex) in 32 hole and I tweak them in the rear pretty easy.
Big Up to the big boys, when are we going to get our own races?

hope this helps

Q re: Aeroheadspitt83
Dec 17, 2003 5:19 AM
How big of a clincher tire can you mount in that rim? I believe it's only 19mm across the top. I'm using MA3 now and don't care for them. Have to true them every week and they ping like crazy for 15 minutes until stress relieved. Scared somethings going to break mid-race. I have Aeroheads on my pavement only road bike and love those. I was scared off of the Aeroheads for CX because of tire size limitations. I'm currently running 31mm and they're NP on the MA3 rim. If I could reliably mount a 31 and possibly 38-40 on Aerohead, I'd buy them.

I'm considering hosting a CX race next year and will take the C'dale division under advisement. Never seen it done, but doesn't mean it shouldn't be.
Q re: ClydesdalesDavidK
Dec 17, 2003 8:59 AM
We had a Cyldesdale division in four local races all co-sponsered by a great local bike shop and race promoter - BIKEWAVE and DINO series ( It makes finishing in the back of the back half of the B race a little less painful. DavidK
Q re: Aeroheadsatpjunkie
Dec 18, 2003 10:45 PM
running 30 Tufo Clinchers on the aeroheads. have run 32 Specialized and Michelin's (which are said to be 30's but are more like 34's). Have run a 38 Geax on the Fusion and no trouble.