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Smells Like Cross series #2J2
Dec 15, 2003 7:17 AM
J held his 2nd race of his Smells like Cross series yesterday and again, it was another very sucessful outing. even thou mother nature took for the 2nd week what would have been a very fast course and turned it into a granny gear mashing thigh burner (rain on wed, then cold and drizzle/light rain on fri/sat) the course was still a blast! complete with a dead end turn around, a nasty hill climb with no traction, a long hill climb that had you dismounting and running a good 20 ft BEFORE you got to the barriers (except for the 'a' racers - those guys are animals), and thankfully a few downhill sections that you could possibly recover on although one was very slick. overall a great course, although harder than last week i really liked this one better and had it been dry, would have been lightning fast. game time temps had it hovoring around the freezing mark, cloudy and just a wet cold, ah, cross time was in the air!

now on with the rest, J decided to have double points for the single speed folks if they had on the opposite sex underwear, and poeple, this was funny! there were thongs, hottie panties, one guy wearing a nightie and matching panites, another wearing a bra, a girl wearing guys tightie whities, they were great! definately something you had to see (or maybe not). needless to say, that kept the crowd hooting and hollering. this time we had music via mark y. bring his pa system, more vittles on the grill, more killer door prizes and the all mighty hub cap as the prime lap prize, complete with engraved plaque. the turnout was even better as i think there were approx 5-7 more riders total them last week. it's starting to pick up, as well as a bigger crowd watching. and you know you have a good thing going when after the b/c/ss/womens race 75% hang around to eat, talk smack, watch the 'a' guys, and just hang around. and this week looks interesting as of now no rain. could make for that super fast race we have been looking for to break up the mud sloggers! come on out, you will be glad you did!