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C Men Nationals CXlexington476
Dec 14, 2003 4:52 PM
For anyone who did the C Men at Cyclocross Nationals, how was it? Any pictures? I am thinking of going next year and racing the C class, how big of a ball/good old time was it?
Do It! (Plus links to more pics)Gripped
Dec 15, 2003 9:03 AM
I raced all season in the Portland Cross Crusade but I was cooked by mid October so I figured that I would save my entry fee this year and try to train a little smarter next year. Anyway ...

I went to some of the races and it was outstanding! The course turned into mud stew by Sunday (when the C's raced). There were flat sections that the pros were running because the mud was so sticky. They even had a drum corp out there playing next to the hill and entry to the long paved section. The whole vibe for all the races was just great and it made me want to go get my bike and race!

A guy I know who raced C's all season and finished around 6-10th in the local races. He finished 13th at Nationals. I also noticed that Colorado and Pacific NW riders scored well in all categories. At Nationals, you will be pulled if you get lapped so keep that in mind. I know that a lot of riders don't like getting pulled but at a big race, you can't let slower riders impeded the race leader.

Anyway, I'm racing next year for sure!

Lots of pics here
re: C Men Nationals CXcross eddy
Dec 15, 2003 12:36 PM
I did it!! It was fun as you would expect. The conditions were insane. Mud, slop, mud, puddles/ponds, mud. did i say mud? oh there was mud, lots of it. some of it so thick you couldn't ride it. plus it was nice to see how i stacked up against other folks from arouns the country that came out to race. i am sure a good time was had by all.

the eleite races were great as well. lots a noise and drunken bafoons.