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CX Race Report, the Late Editionlexington476
Dec 13, 2003 8:12 PM
Ok, took me a week to put it together but here it is:

Cyclocross State Championship
Sunday, 07 December 2003

In the C race, I started very strong, but faded very quickly. I tried to get away from the group as soon as possible. I jumped right off the line and got away for a few minutes, the race started on a nice section of pavement. I put the bike in the 44 ring and just sped away. When I hit the grass, I started to slow down and kept slowing down. After about half a lap, I was cough by one person then a few minutes later the rest of the group. For some reason on the grass, I was not able to keep up speed. I have fallen off on my training. There was a very nasty off camber left hand hairpin turn where the shortest path was very steep. The course started frozen, but by the time we were done, it was starting to get muddy in the turns and climbs. There were two sets of double barriers, both on up hills. After the first set of barriers you went back down, then back up a steep, off-camber hill the was real slick (most people walked it). There were two nice bridges, the second small one had a sharp bump where the mud/dirt stopped and the wood picked up, about a 3/4 inch step; that did give several people flats (but, not me). We did three laps for the Cs. The course was mostly flat grass, a few pavement sections, and then the real nice short climbs with the barriers.

I decided to do the B race after the C race. I started at the back of the pack at the start line, just so I would not get in the way. The course was getting slick during this race. The mud on some of the climbs was real slick. I ended up finishing dead last in this event as well. On my last lap, 5th I think, I caught up to another person who was using a road bike with knobby tires, and was getting all kinds of junk caught in his front brakes. Since the rest of the race was long gone, I stayed with him while we finished the race. It also helped that he had a flat rear tire (done by the lip on the small bridge). So the two of us just more or less cruised our last lap (he had lapped me). Towards the end of the course, I asked if he wanted to sprint for last place, so we did. It was so much fun, a pointless sprint! He did beat me, by (from my point of view) was just two or three inches. I put my bike in the 44 ring, when we started, which put me on a slight delay. I would hate to see the face of the person who does the lawn at this park on Monday.

My dad was there, that was cool that he could see one of these races. He had my camera so when he left I did not get any good pictures, I wish I had video taped the A sprint for 2nd and 3rd, that was cool!

During the awards, I got the gold medal for C men 19-29. It almost seems unfair; there was no one else in the age group. During the prize drawing, I won a CX size tire tube, my first part for the CX bike. I missed third place for the series by two (2) points, I have 93, and the third dude had 95, talk about close. The first three dudes sure were faster then me so they deserve it.

Next year for cyclocross I will have my bike finished and ready, no more riding this slow, heavy mountain bike.