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(Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TN(40 posts)

(Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TNTNSquared
Dec 10, 2003 8:20 AM
The first race in the SLC series was also my first cx race, and wow what an experience. I am definintely hooked. This was also the first shakedown ride since I re-built my bianchi sl cross bike. I kept expecting to see the bottom bracket rolling past me on one of the downhills, but everything held together so I guess I've graduated to full fledged garage hack.

The course had the potential to be very fast, I think, but rain in prior days and melting frost created some sloppy mud bogs in one section. By the time I would slog my way through this part of the course my legs were toast, and just about the time I recovered the course hit a four barrier run up, followed by a short gravel road section and then a four barrier down hill.

Of course, I went out too fast and on the second lap I was quickly passed by everyone in C, then the SS guys, and finally the last two women. I knew going into this that my fitness was not what it needed to be, but man I never anticipated the degree of suffering I encountered. By mid-way through the third lap I was dizzy, gasping for air and on the verge of puking. I kept having flashbacks to my days running the 3000m steeplechase in college.

By the fourth lap I realised my options were limited to DFL or DNF, and I was determined not to DNF so I pushed along. After six laps I was done and learned that I had won a pretty cool door prize, some Salsa bar tape. Other door prizes included a set of two Salsa pint glasses and Salsa Bell Lap cx bars. There were also primes awarded on the second lap for every class, such as Surly T-shirts and Nike stuff.

All in all, this race had everything you could ask for. The venue as great, the course was well-marked and challenging (so challenging, in fact, that even the A racers collapsed to the ground as they crossed the finish line.) Awards, primes and door prizes ran deep, and there were even burgers and dogs hot off the grill as well as plenty of drinks for everyone at the finish.

Some of this has been posted before, but when our local annual 'cross series was canceled at the last second by the organizers, JS Haiku shop grabbed the 'cross mantle from the frozen, muddy ground and jumped in to provide some 'cross racing to the Memphis area, even though he's never done anything like this before. In only a few weeks time he secured several sponsors and put together a four race series. It looks like he is doing a great job.

So I have to ask, where the h#ll are all the racers? The turnout was decent considering this was a first time event, but when people are coming out of the woodwork to complain about the lack of racing opportunities in the Memphis area, we better sure as sh!te show up for the ones that do come to us. Hopefully the word will get out and attendance will grow quickly over the next few weeks. If not, then we can't complain if there is no series next year, so you Memphis area folks get off your butts and make it out this weekend!!

BTW - we would love to have some out of town folks show up, so if you are within traveling distance of Memphis, check out We have three more races this year, and if we have the numbers for these, then I know we will have an even better event next year with a full year to plan for it.

Sorry if some of this comes across as a rant - but it is. :)
thanks, T...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2003 9:00 AM
it's simple.

support races.
get races.
don't support races.
no races.
not limited to cyclocross.

if this series works it will be the first in a 3-set of series in 2004. mountain bike races x4, time trials x4, and another 'cross series next fall/winter x4+.

if race classes remain in the single digits, then i'll give all the complaining next year the amount of attention it deserves: none. and we'll have the same amount of racing: nearly none. if the mid-south cycling community is satisfied only having 2-3 races annually in memphis, this is *exactly* how to keep things the way they are.

low turnout provides undeniable numbers on the results sheets. THIS is what sponsors will turn to next year when i come begging. guess what?

i'm not even going into the hundreds of hours i've put into this, the effort on sunday morning in the dark, the friday and saturday prior that i spent 25 hours getting stuff ready, and the monday and tuesday i couldn't get off the couch except to run to the head to dry heave. it's a labor of love.

please know that i was thrilled to see everyone and--aside from the course barely being ready at 9 am--i think it was a great success. the thing that struck me in two extremes was looking through the attendees list--80% were club riders i've shared many weekends and out of town trips with. i feel they were obviously there to support this specific series, this effort, competitive or not.

where is the rest of the community? nashville? jackson? little rock? oxford?

i'm saving my rant for another week. one lesser-attended race isn't unexpected. two and i'll get a clear message from the community. and we will all get exactly what we deserve.

disappointed but hopeful,

hang in there, JSHScyclochip
Dec 10, 2003 1:49 PM
Dunno if you know this or not, but I've organized every observed trials event Memphis has ever seen. 2 competitions and numerous demos.

You know, trials. Those guys on the funny bikes with no seats, hopping around on their back wheels.

Anyway, I've been into trials for over 7 years, and got tired of having to drive west of Little Rock or east of Nashville to compete. So I decided to get with RCW and hold a trials comp w/ the Down -N- Dirty.

Long story short, there was low turnout for my comps. Partly due to trials being a niche sport, and partly to MTBer's reluctance to even try. Beginner trials courses are nothing more than a technical trail section. But nobody wanted to even try. At the comp at Stanky Creek, I had to BEG for a beginner to enter.

I guess what I'm saying is that I know how you're feeling. All that hard work you do. All the driving yourself nuts wondering if it's gonna go OK. All the last minute craziness. All for just a handfull of riders. (My trials competitions drew no more than 15 entries for each.)

But like you stated in an earlier post, it's worth it to an extent. It's a good feeling when a rider says "Man, this was fun" when talking about your event. It's good to know you're helping the sport you love to grow and flourish in your community.

Just hang in there, man. It will get better, and I'm sure attendance will pick up. I hate that I can't attend this week's race, but I'll be there for the last two.

In late December and early January. When it's damn cold. I wonder if my puke will freeze before it hits the ground?
frozen vomit makes good picsJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 12:36 AM
and you have more heart than anyone else i've seen riding in the last 2 years. it's not about what everybody else is doing. it's about the limits in your head, and how far beyond them you can raach.

i've been watching.


ps. email me before your next race. sooner = better, but no life/death rush.
thanks, T...fatctycycl
Dec 10, 2003 4:08 PM
I can only speak for myself and one other person, but last weeks race being right before finals kept atleast two away from racing. The weather looks like it won't cooperate with this weekend's race either. Perhaps you could offer a reduced price if you sign up for the next three races? $15 is not a lot for a single race, but $60 is a fair amount for a poor college student trying to squeeze the last dime from his drying up student loans. Perhaps $30 for the remaining three. Price was what was great about the 2 Crossfire races, with the low, low $5 entry fee. It may not have had a lot of out of town draw but it got the locals racing. And while I didn't get a chance to see the course, I question the use of downhill barriers and your desire to make the course "paramount to dental surgery without anasthetic". While cyclocross is a fringe sport and a difficult course may be desirable to the hardcore devotees, this may not attract new riders or encourage those who may or may not show depending on the severity of hangover. Keep K.I.S.S. principles in mind.
Dec 10, 2003 11:25 PM
wait! if forgot to say F@#$ you!JS Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2003 11:40 PM
date? price? difficultly? barrier placement?

this is cyclocross. winter. hard. tough courses. mind-bending. get over it.

try putting on a series youself before you open your damned mouth. do you have any idea how expensive this is to hold for Joe Blow? mind-numbing.

send me your email address so i can remove you from the mailing list, if you're on it.

thaks so much for your criticism, free of actual experience on the course.

i'm sure the men 25 years your senior (last weekend) and women out for blood wouldn't miss your absence, when they would have otherwise been lapping your sorry arse. amd neither would i.

YOU are a prime contributor to the decline of cycling in memphis.

J=what can i do for you?

fatc=what can you do for me?

thanks for offering to help.

you are the reason racing will never evolve in memphis. you are the problem. i'm very sorry i could not have launched this series from your backyard with the course that would most have suited you, in 72-degree weather, for free. but that's f@#$ing life.

you pr!ck.

call me sometime. you know how. i'm the 2004 president of the largest cycling club in 400 miles. look up the website.
Whoa! Don't waste your energy on stuff like this...arctic hawk
Dec 11, 2003 5:18 AM
Whoa! Don't waste your energy on stuff like this...
There will always be beginners like myself (I'm the very slow fellow with the Canadian flag on his sleeve, )who will be very aprreciative of the efforts that you & others like you have made. I have always made it a point to tell the organizers that & to shake their hands as well.
For those who have never tried this form of racing, the participants are very friendly & they do offer words of encouragements (while lapping me). Beyond a doubt, it really helps guys like me continue in the sport & openly talk about how much fun I have!
I wish I lived closer so I can race in your series (I'm in Montreal, Canada). I do hope that some one will be so kind to post some pics of from your races. They sound like fun :)

Heep up the great work!
that looks brutalJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 6:08 AM
can't imagine pulling rebar out of ground that frozen.

you guys are in another world.

thanks for the kind words.

J: We run up to 70 racers in one race. No prizes.Spunout
Dec 11, 2003 6:31 AM
It is all over for everyone in one hour. We help pick up the flags and then everybody goes home. One heat, but all classes represented. At the start, we have a long straightaway to seed everyone. The organizer will tell you, if you aren't fast, get out of the way.

At the end of our series, we have a get together and trophy presentation. Top 10 finishers competing in 6 or better events get participation medals ($3). Although we race all together, we score in all classes (Cadet, Junior, Sen, Vet a/b/c/d, Women).

Memphis crossers seem to be extremely lucky to have you organize. If you dropped the fringe benefits, primes, prizes, BBQ, etc., would you be able to reduce the fees?

We were required to hold citizen's permits or UCI licenses, which kept insurance down.
thanks...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 7:20 AM
primes & prizes were mostly provided by industry sponsors & local shops.

what most folks don't reailze is how expensive course marking materials, barriers, rebar, race numbers, permits, fees, and insurance are. not to mention trophies and food. i'll bet your series either purchased those in prior years and they've since been amortized, or had/has a silent "rich uncle" footing the bill. speaking of "in the red", where does the black go? into the next series. shirts, race #s, food, fees, licenses, permits, etc.

on the last two (food & trophies), those are already underway, and now expected. and i wouldn't change it anyhow. seems to complete the event. it's nice to have lunch afterward. people are pleasantly surprised, and genuinely happy.

if we had a field of 70 at every race, the fees could easily be cut in half. that would more than keep it afloat. i know this may be a case of chicken/egg, but after sinking lots of $ into this money pit this year (year 1 for me), i would be walking away from 4 races in the red. that would make it 100% less likely to occur again next year.

the state race mentioned in this thread occurred recently in downtown memphis. entry fees were $23 each, plus a $5 one-day license, if necssary. spectators and riders aplenty, not limited to locals.

thanks for your thoughts. everything helps for next year's potential series.

btw, where are you located?


Sometimes simplifying can enrich the event...Spunout
Dec 11, 2003 9:16 AM
we are in Ottawa, same group for which ArcticHawk posted the picture links in the snow. Our trophies are for the event series, not for every event. Also, a racer has the option to pay for the entire series up front.

Check out for our series. Please feel free to call Bob if you have questions for long-term viability and financial data.

I lied about the food. There is usually a bag of cut oranges at the finish line.
apologyJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 6:03 AM
emotions have no place in relation to this series. i'm walking a tightrope and occasionally fall off. i apologize for the harsh words. please come out and see for yourself how invigorating and affirming the ride can be. for that matter, you're welcomed to stay afterward and find out how challenging and rewarding directing a race can be. you have many ideas on how things can change to better the experience for everyone. in my book that makes you the #1 volunteer. come implement it.

again, my apologies for the strong reaction. but i still emplore you to call me, if for nothing but another heartfelt apology.

this race series is being hosted, without a doubt, for you. if you're not racing in it, it's not a success.


I wasn't going to post anything aboutSpecialTater
Dec 10, 2003 9:26 AM
my "race" but I at least owe J a public thanks for putting it on.

My race lasted about 50 feet before a freaking dropped chain on my SS took me out. It kept dropping. I need help or a new bike (it's suppsoed to be here early next week). I was in no condition to be out there. The one pre-ride lap I took was painful enough (but it was a fun course).

Sorry I couldn't stick around for the post-race activities. I'll be there all day next Sunday.

you and heavyD are both welcome to either of my bikes...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2003 10:47 AM
'cross or mtb.

56cm cross-check and 19" budget specialized hardtail ('99).

whomever gets the 'cross bike's gonna have to come up with a set of 'cross tires, 'cause mine may be on the steamroller for the 9 am race.

if your frankenbike is not here by then, i expect you racing, regardless.
If there's an issue wiht Franken-bleuSpecialTater
Dec 10, 2003 11:03 AM
I can race my trek ht with the squeaky roxyshoxy. At least I'll drive teh back of the pack (and the lappers) nutz with it. Hopefully I'll have the SS bullet proof by then too.
re: (Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TNeggshell
Dec 10, 2003 9:50 AM
I was also wondering about the low turnout for the first race. I was unfortunately out of town this past weekend and couldn't be there. Being new to cycling(<1 year)I'm trying to learn all I can about local cycling events. I know absolutely zip about cross but plan to be a spectator this week to learn more and meet some of the locals. Who knows I may pull out the old Mtb and race the following week just to offer support. I think growing starts from within and requires the local support to bring in the outsiders. I wish I had learned of the series earlier to lend a hand in the planning stages but J, if I can help, please let me know(flip 'dogs,take pictures etc.).
we need youJS Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2003 10:55 AM
to ride. take the bar-ends off you mtb and race at 9 am. tell your friends, neighbors, work associates, people you meet on the street, cashier at wal-mart. $15 to race plus a $5 one-day license. not too steep for a life-altering experience followed immediately by prizes and lunch.

if you still want to work after the 9 am race, i have plenty of places for you to marshal the course and cheer 'em on at 10 am, and you can help breakdown at 11 am. there's no shortage of work here.

most important way to support the cycling community through the racing scene is to race.


ride C, spectate A. You'll be fine on mtb and learn alot more.TNSquared
Dec 10, 2003 10:55 AM
Just a suggestion, but I had no offroad experience prior to Sunday, and while I was not competitive I survived it just fine. If you've got time on the mtb, you'll have no problem handling the course. And I promise you'll have a blast.

Last week I certainly picked up some pointers watching the A race, but I learned a ton more from the bike during the C/B/SS race.

So why wait? The way I look at it, the sooner I start getting experience the faster I'll improve. I'm not really approaching the series as races this year. I'm doing it primarily for the training benefits and to prepare for next year, when I hope to be competitive in B.

Hope to see you on the course, covered in mud and loving it.
you're on!!!eggshell
Dec 10, 2003 12:27 PM
I'll be there with 20 bucks and most likely a hangover! Too bad I don't have a ss. Hate to miss the opportunity to wear women's undergarments. See you at the back of C!! Looking forward to meeting some of you RBR boyz.
get that man a race number!JS Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2003 1:07 PM
see you sunday. i'll be the guy in need of a shave, bleeding from his ears, before the racing even begins.

That's a Good Egg :)TNSquared
Dec 10, 2003 1:44 PM
Glad that J and I were able to stiff-arm you into riding. :)

Seriously, you'll really be glad you did. I'll be on the very muddy bianchi (no plans to clean it from the last race) and at the back of C as well. one rule - don't risk trying to draft me. you never know when an impromptu face plant over a barrier might be in my strategy. it helps to confuse the enemy. :)
Well...If SS is what you are after.....lanpope
Dec 10, 2003 6:06 PM
I just so happen to have an SS Karate Monkey that you are welcome to for the race. I will be on a SS CrossCheck (wearing something nice towards the rear of the SS class might I add). If you do want to borrow the bike for the race just let me know! You can e-mail me off board at:

lpope at midsouth dot rr dot com

JS - if Egg does not want the bike, I will bring it out for anyone else to ride if needed.


Thanks Again,
Well...If SS is what you are after.....JS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 12:05 AM

I am hoping i can recruit my southern and itailan/polish (don't ask) relatives to work the course so'z i can wear a purple g-string and push-up on sunday, grinding 42x18. should ne a real joy. probably the best day of my life. not.

hope to see you there. at least we'll get double points.


ps. i never mentioned lipstick and makeup and stuff. i hope somebody takes the initiative.

thanks for the offer...eggshell
Dec 11, 2003 8:12 AM
but i'll attempt the first go around on my own Egg-beater.can't wait to see those going for the bonus points in ss.what a hoot! i'll have the camera there for some great pornografic/blackmale type pictures. see you Sunday!
last weekendJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 8:40 AM
there was no sprint for the ss prime. thad had such a huge lead by the first lap, he probably took it out of sight of the other ss guys. the man's an animal.

perhaps we'll have primes 2 deep in ss this weekend.

it's time to get the old hubcap engraved. it will hang well on somebody's wall.
re: (Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TNForrestO
Dec 10, 2003 7:06 PM
Well, well, well...if it isnt my old friend eggshell threatening to break out the mtb and get muddy. Good to hear from you today my brother. I want to add my 2 cents and extreme thanks to J for putting on the race series after a bunch of unfortunate memphis BS cycling politics ruined the previous series.

I was one of the three "A" racers out last weekend and, although i prefer a little more asphalt and less swampland I was pleased with the course and the event as a whole. My obvious complaint is the lack of riders but with the memphis marathon the day before I think some of the cross (no pun intended) trainers might have been to beat up to race. I echo the hope that many more riders will show up for this sundays painfest.

J - I really applaud your tenacity at getting sponsors for this gig. Awesome job. I almost had that prime snagged but couldnt get around boomer quick enough. After pulling only one lap I was spent and he dropped me quickly. Note to self...draft more pull less = forrest ability to stay in race.

The giant round of applause for the day goes to Thad for racing the single speed category (after a bout with the flu earlier in the week) and then finishing another grueling hour in the A race. Talk about masochism.

Oh yeah...cookeville- lenfutn (I forgot your name). I met you at State champs down on Mud Island (I ride for Outdoors -green jersey and ride a white Indy Fab planetcross)... I am not sure but I think the A race started at the same time as the state champs and I know you made it there! Come on back down and dish out some more punishment. Hmmm, was that a challenge? Seriously, it was good to meet you and would love to race against you again.

Well, I better go rest up till sunday...keep the good weather dances going guys. This time I will try to show up early and help out a bit. Muchos thanks again J for a great time.

re: (Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TNJS Haiku Shop
Dec 10, 2003 11:52 PM
ForrestO baby,

your image properties said "hilton without panties" and some other stuff dot jpb. i didn't expect that to pass the forum cops, so you should probably email it to me, just so i can check authentication.

I REALLY appreciate your support here. the simple fact from my keyboard is this: i've been riding for about 6 years, have no intention of racing anything better than B, but love it. and i have good understanding of what is required to put on road, crit, mtb, tt, cc, or SPRINT (something in store for 2004!) race series. and i've put my time in on longish rides.

so here i am, willing to go out of my way, and out of pocket, and beg like a hungry weasel, next year--to host 12 to 20 races for you big dogs.

wage your minions against this series. beat us down. run us out of numbers. eat all our food. take the women. ok, leave the women alone. but tear it up. and we'll race all year next year.

i'll tell you a secret: running ONE cc race is harder than riding a double century+, unsupported. and i love it.

now i know you big dogs don't want me to throw in the towel.

bring your friends and i'll see you sunday, in near-freezing rain, for a hard, hilly course, with barriers on the downhill sections. and i'll cheer you all the way. and remind your friends, when you're racing and keeping warm from the effort, i'm standing still at the finish line, shivering, wishing for a beer. and it's all worth it.

if you want racers from out of town...lenfutn
Dec 10, 2003 2:15 PM
then don't have races start at 9 am. I came and raced in Memphis for the race on Mud Island a few weeks ago. Had a great time, everything was awesome. I would love to come back and race in Memphis, but I live 3.5 hours away in Cookeville.

I think cross racing in Memphis is a wonderful thing, I would just suggest the organizers think about moving the start times out a couple of hours so out-of-towners can get up and get there.
thanks lenfutn. will consider next year. nmJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 12:00 AM
fyiJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 6:46 AM
forrest is correct, above. state was the same time of morning for A race as this series: 10 AM for A. and we have more prizes, food, and better organization.

hate to sound like a broken record, but: if you want to race more, support what's here.

tell me what else we can do to make this worth the drive.

thanks again!


ps. lakeland is 30 miles closer to cookeville than mud island. no driving through memphis. and we have prizes every race, food, and top-notch organization, plus a course with interesting topo changes.

we can't do this without you guys.
I'll come back for the 1/03 race. I promise...lenfutn
Dec 11, 2003 8:27 AM
I am racing the cross series in Columbia 12/14, 1/04, 1/11. I am on call for work the weekend of 12/21, so that weekend is shot. But I promise I will come back and race 1/03. That will mean two race days in a row. Sounds like fun.

If anyone wants to offer me a (free) place to sleep and store my bike the night before (1/02), that would be great.

In return, if you are interested in racing the next day in Columbia, I can set you up with a free place to stay in Nashville the night of 1/03.
email me on digs...TNSquared
Dec 11, 2003 8:45 AM
need to check with the wife, but very possible I could put you up in our "guest suite" - otherwise known as game room above the garage. amenities include comfy futon bed, tv, and nintendo gamecube.

I'm in a suburb east of Memphis and only a few miles from the course.

email is
you rockJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 8:48 AM
i'll work on a place for you to crash. my shop will be full of smelly, talkative relatives and dirty course materials 1/2 evening, or you could stay with me. it's not going to be a fun weeknd at the J crib.

bring friends to pull you to the first prime. we can't have our local heavies stealing it from you after that drive.

our winter cross-country series starts 1/4, so a few of us (yours truly) will be voluteering and running. last winter it was sick fun. if not for this, i would accompany you to columbia.

fyi our singlespeed class doubles points on 1/3 for biggest gear. 9 am race should be entertaining.
re: (Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TNJ2
Dec 11, 2003 8:50 AM
hey guys, isn't this supposed to be for fun?!
J - you know i'm there for ya (always have been), but it was just one race last weekend and it was a busy weekend (mem marathon, college exams, some out of town, some didn't know, some still having their panties in a wad from the bs with the cancelled series. etc). and i don't care if you only had one person show up, last weekend was a huge sucess and great time was had, and because of that, more will come. you know how much fun everyone had last weekend, so don't let attendance get you down, it will come. it took matt's series a few years before he started geting real good turnouts. and you ask for imput, so don't be harsh when you recieve it. i know you came back and appoligized (and that was a good thing) but that first reply post was way over the top. i know you got a lot on your plate, but we are all here to help and are behind you on this 100%. and if it sinks due to finances after this year, i'll hate it, but you know what, i'll sure remember what a great time i had while we had it!!! those memories will be because of you stepping up with this series.

and for anyone who might read this and want to come ck out the races, come on out, you will have a good time whether you just want to spectate or race, both are needed. don't be afraid of the course, who knows, he might not make them as hard as he plans (or then again..). he knows there is a fine line between a course that's fun, and course that's so brutal it's not fun. and if you step over the fun line, people do not come back. (i did a mtb race over 12 yrs ago when i was just getting into mtb'ing and did a race that was soo hard it was insane and i've never been back due to that bad taste it left) these courses will be though, but i tell ya, these courses are the fun pain!!!
see ya this sunday!!
of course you're rightJS Haiku Shop
Dec 11, 2003 9:03 AM
and i regret my response. leadership has no room for distemper and emotion.

you're right--it's about having fun. everybody enjoyed the mudfest, and everybody will enjoy a fast (except for the uphills) course this weekend. we have some great prizes scheduled, plus your insane cooking skills, and tunes by johann.

as i've said before (on the general board), for 1 or 100 people, it's worth it. i'm really getting flustered because a low turnout means no future series (hosted by J), and i so want to bring racing back to memphis.

-dr. jekyll
re: (Belated) Race Report - Smells Like 'Cross #1, Memphis TNlexington476
Dec 11, 2003 7:55 PM
Man, this whole cross in Memphis sounds like a blast! If metro Detroit was not a 12 hour drive, I would come race. Have fun!

In one of the posts it said 'tunes by johann', is that a group or just a person with some CDs (just wondering)?
Johann = J2JS Haiku Shop
Dec 12, 2003 8:27 AM
it's his secret euro team exlax domestique name. he's our team diesel & world's best, least known cipo imitator at stop sign sprints.

johann is a "master" at putting together questionable mixes of 80s & 90s radio rejects, timed perfectly with 80s punk & speed metal, with a little hair band music for flava...all on CDs from his pc.

two of us chickens drive honda elements, which have kickin' stereos standard, so we back 'em up to two different parts of the course and set the CDs to loop.

the CD from last week that i'm listening to today has the following, in order (names/bands may be wrong or absent):

take a ride on the wild side (crue?)
girl you'll be a woman soon
i like big butts (sir mix alot)
girl you got what i need
some 311 song (dig 311 and have cds but ? song names)
first big radio hit from white zombie/rob zombie
don't worry (sounds like ziggy or bob--NOT don't worry be happy)
jane's addiction (name? coming down the mountaaaaain...)
ll cool j?
stand by me (clash)
some mid-90s bad religion (my 80s fav!)
I want candy :)
beautiful day (U2)
i beleive in miracles (you sexy thing)

this one was my fav. mostly for the sir mix-a-lot.
Thanks to JS Haiku Shop!rcarp
Dec 11, 2003 8:18 PM
Don't be discouraged.

Many people appreciate your efforts and initiative!

Rick Carpenter
oh, and one more thing....TNSquared
Dec 12, 2003 11:42 AM
:) wow, this post took some turns I didn't expect! I think the thread has probably run its course, but since I started this thing I want to finish it. :-0

A little explanation - when the local 'cross series that was originally scheduled got canceled, there were a bunch of people expressing their disappointment, so I was somewhat surprised at the relatively low turnout.

My questions about the attendance that I posed in my initial post were really just public musings, and largely rhetorical. I was absolutely not criticizing anyone and everyone who did not ride in the first race.

Clearly, nobody can ride every race. Equally certain is the fact that just because someone doesn't ride in a given race, that doesn't mean he or she doesn't support the local cycling scene. Case in point, I will miss one of the four series races because I must go out of town for an inescapable Christmas celebration with my in-laws, which was scheduled long ago. Cycling is extremely important, but staying married is even more important. :)

I made my earlier post with two "goals" in mind:

One, I hoped to light a fire under anyone out there, especially in Memphis, who was "on the fence" about riding in any of the series races. Guess that worked o.k. since a couple of people have committed to at least one race just in the course of this thread.

Two, I hoped to prompt some feedback from others as to what might make the series better/more accessible to more riders. J asked me for suggestions, but since this was my first cx ride I couldn't really help much. I never dreamed the discussion would be so highly spirited, but there were certainly some suggestions! I hope that in the final analysis there will be many things J can take from this to improve the series and make it more fun for everyone - which, after all, is the whole point.

All I can say is I'm glad the course is going to be easier this weekend, 'cuz the weather looks to be brutal! Hope to see you out there either this weekend or in the future.