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7Speed 26/36/46 or 9Speed 30/42/52?(3 posts)

7Speed 26/36/46 or 9Speed 30/42/52?ss-nyc
Dec 8, 2003 2:55 PM
I recently purchased a Surly Cross-Check and am not sure what to do about components. I want to build a flat-bar bike which will be used mosty on the road on leisurly rides ith the wife and some light trails. I already have a road bike with a double so this bike will serve as a touring, winter road, and possible future cross bike.

I am stuck becasue I can get an entire almost new 7-speed Shimano RSX triple group with a 26/36/46 crank, wheels,cantis, and STI shifters for FREE. All I would need to do is install the parts on the cross check, get some old stlye thumb shifters, and use the flat bars and flat bar brake levers I already have. I would keep the STIs in the drawer if I ever go back to drop bars.

If I want 9-speed, I would need to purchase an entire new group, wheels, brakes, and get bar-cons and the paul components thumbie bar-con converter to use them on a flat bar ( as shifters. If I ever wanted drop bars I could just use the bar-cons in thier original form or get STI shifters.

Should I just suck it up and pay for 9-speed or just use the 7-speed stuff until it wears out or breaks and then get something new?

Is anyone using 7-speed and/or the RSX stuff for Cross? Is it durable enough?

re: 7Speed 26/36/46 or 9Speed 30/42/52?dave_w
Dec 8, 2003 5:58 PM
Have not used 7spd in a while, but I would say definitely go the 7 spd route. It's FREE, you can always go 9spd later, but for the type of riding you will initially use the bike for it is a great setup. RSX is actually a pretty solid group and I would imagine it would be great for cross. Bonus: The wife will know you went the low cost route this time and will be happier letting you drop the coin on something you really want in the future.

ps. Spacing is going to be different on the wheels right? 7spd at 126 and the Surly is probably 130, a small thing to take care of to be able to use a group and save a wad of dough.
re: Rear spacingThe Walrus
Dec 8, 2003 6:44 PM
Aren't the Surly dropouts spaced 132.5? Obviously, you can get away with a 130 or 135, but at some point, the gap's too big. I don't know if 6.5mm would be pushing it. This isn't insurmountable, though--any decent LBS should be able to swap out the axle and add some spacers for a decent price. I had it done once for under $30, and it was better than futzing around with the stays.