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PICS - Smells Like Cross #1 - Memphis, TN(3 posts)

PICS - Smells Like Cross #1 - Memphis, TNcyclochip
Dec 7, 2003 9:23 PM
JS Haiku Shop's Smells Like Cross series got off to a wonderful start today.

I was supposed to be out of town today, but my plans got changed to next weekend, so I was able to volunteer my meager services to JS Haiku Shop to help with the race.
I was assigned the task of scoring the C/B/SS/Women's race. With two of us writing and one spotter calling out racer's numbers, it wasn't as hectic as I imagined it would be. Very easy and fun to cheer everyone on.
For the A race I got to wander the course and take pictures, which is my second favorite thing to do at a race.

JSHS set up a great course. It was long by CX standards (just over 2 miles, I believe he said) but the B racers had lap times of around 6-7 minutes. There was a very fast HARDpack gravel / dirt section where riders could hammer. A total of 12 barriers were on the course, placed fairly well apart. It would have been possible to bunnyhop them easily. To my knowledge, no one tried.

JSHS is owed a BIG thank you for putting on this event / series. When it looked like we would have no cyclocross at all (our original 5 race series was cancelled), he stepped up to the plate for everyone. Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate it, and I know everyone I talked to today had a blast. I hate that I'll have to miss the next one, but I'll be at the last two. Taking all challengers for last place in the C race!!!

Feel free to look at my pics of the A race here:
chip baby, you're THE MAN...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 7, 2003 9:44 PM
...and scoring would have been COMPLETELY WRONG without you.

this course was sick and the A guys complained. i think we might have a sellout next weekend. you're lucky to be out of town, as it will be about twice as tough. don't fret, 'cuz 12/21 and 1/3 will be paramount to dental surgery without anasthetic. trust me.


I will be forever in your debt if you'd recover from a well-raced B/C and take pics of A when you're in town.

this series would not have been possible without you guys. i put the equipment together, but you guys brought IT together. it's your series, and that's what was intended. what i didn't expect, however, was all the help. i'm totally overwhelmed.

btw wrong post, but rcarp's wife G takes some awesome pics, and i'm more than 200% certain that (if she's not a photog) she's missed her calling, by 10 miles. niiiice shots. unreal.
what the F#$K? holy SH!T! your pics...JS Haiku Shop
Dec 7, 2003 9:55 PM
are magic.

YOU and G are on the road to stardom...

you're hired.

btw/liner note: this animal raced ss (he's an a guy), beat everybody in b/c/ss/w by 3+min over a 45+ min course, drank some water, then came in a close 3rd in A an hour later. on his ss. new hero.