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alan photos and info... memphis cross tomorrow!(1 post)

alan photos and info... memphis cross tomorrow!rcarp
Dec 6, 2003 8:03 AM
Here are some photos of my Alan:

I cleaned it up for JS Haiku's Smells Like Cross series which begins tomorrow near Memphis. Be there if you can!

How it rides:

- Extremely comfortable on the road; absorbs shock like crazy; too flexible? Not to me. I've hammered it pretty hard and I've never perceived a problem.
- Does not handle well on Mountain descents... I guess that would be normal for a cross bike with the higher center of gravity.

Info about the bike:

- Bought it used from a bike shop in Santa Cruz (closed e-bay auction) for $800. I think it is 3 or 4 years old. It is a 58 by 58.
- Added the empella brakes and the extra levers
- The original carbon Alan fork exhibited dangerous violent chatter. So, I added the True Temper fork. True Temper is a sponsor of local cross races here in Memphis. True Temper's designs, quality, personnel and service are fabulous IMO.
- Have a triple for it... not a huge task to convert; rear derailleur works for double, single or triple
- Warning for carbon bike owners: don't tighten the front derailleur bracket too tight; I did and I partially crushed the down tube... but it seems to be almost okay now (weird)