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Bike Setup Questions - Compatibilityxxx
Dec 4, 2003 8:09 AM

I am in the process of building a cross/commuter/winter ride and have some questions about component compatibility. I have a spare road bike built with Campy Daytona 10spd and would like to use most of the components on the cross bike. My questions are:

1) Does anyone run Campy 10spd? If so, how does it hold up for cross purposes?

2) Can I use Shimano V-brakes with the Ergo levers? I have a spare set of XTRs and aould love to put them to use... Will adaptors be required?

3) Does anyone make a cross crank (48/38 chainrings or similar) for Campy 10spd?

Some answersjhr
Dec 4, 2003 9:10 AM
In order

(1) Yes many people run campy 10 speed on their cross bikes. I think in general the old road bike group gets put on the cross bike. It will work fine.

(2) You can use V brakes with Ergo Levers, but you will need the adapters. The second question is should you use V brakes. I found from actual experience, using V brakes and adapters that (a) they don't work as well as V brakes on a mountain bike (ie no adapters)(b) that the adapters are a pain to work with and (c) you have to run the brake pads too close to the rim creating mud build up and rim rub issues (eg. post crash). I suggest you take the money you would spend on the adapters plus a little more and buy some cantilevers. That said plenty of guys have smoked me on their V brake adaptered cross bikes.

(3) A genuine Campy. crank will only take a 39 inner ring becasue of the 135mm arms. Any aftermarket crank will work. A 10sp. chain will fit on 9sp. chainrings without any problem whatsoever.

hope this helps.