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Caught my first CX race on Sunday.(9 posts)

Caught my first CX race on Sunday.JL
Dec 2, 2003 6:27 AM
and now I think I'm hooked. It was the last race in the MAC Series here in the PA/NJ/DE area. I went there to check it out, practice with the camera, but now I'm interested in trying a race or two next fall.

Here's some of the pictures.

The last one is Saturn's Sarah Uhl racing the Women's Elite.

There's more here: Sunday Cross

Now, what's a good "beginner bike" for cross?


NIICE pics!jtferraro
Dec 2, 2003 7:10 AM
Yup, I know the feeling re: being that much MORE interested in the cx after seeing a race. ;-)

Again, great pics! What kind of camera were you using? Since I don't presently have a digicam, I borrowed my company's inferior Sony Digital Mavica (one of the models that uses diskettes). I have plans to purchase a nice, 4.0 megapixel, 3x optical zoom, model soon and think I've narrowed it down to the Canon S400, as I want it small enough to fit in my rear jersey pocket.

I'm not a cx bike guru yet, but if you want steel, the Surly Cross-Check seems like a nice bike for the money. For aluminum, the Redline Conquest/Pro seems to be a good value and is very popular. As you may know, Trek makes the XO-1. I guess it all depends, as usual, on what component level you're interested in and how much you want to spend. The Fuji Cross is probably one of the better bangs for yer buck out there, too. If you have a hardtail mtb you might want to order some cross tires for it and give it a try before investing in a dedicated cx bike. That's my plan.

Dec 2, 2003 8:57 AM
I was using the Canon 10D (Digital SLR). It's tough to fit in a jersey pocket with a 100-300 zoom lens + lens hood on it :P

I have a Canon S200 for my jersey pocket, but I think that S400 is better from a megapixel and more functions. For ride reports/snapshots the 200 does a good job.

I'll probably try the ebay route and keep it less then $1000. I don't want to invest a lot and then abandon it. At least I'll have a decent winter/rain bike right?

Thanks again.

Great pictures of Sarah Uhl, and.....Dream plus
Dec 2, 2003 8:32 AM
the ageless Randy Root(snow valley), Leo Pizzini (FSVS one of my teamates ) and that guy from Highland Park. Nice job. Get a Redline, Trek XO, or anything that will fit.
Thanks Mike.JL
Dec 2, 2003 9:10 AM
Were you there? Which Snow Valley guy is it, the one I posted through the mud? Which picture is your FSVS teammate?

I had a bunch more than what I posted, but as I went through them I kept the "best". I was mad they let the Elite riders go around the mud pit. They were too clean.


Which race was this?KG 361
Dec 3, 2003 6:07 AM
The one in Delaware? Nice pics. I met Sarah Uhl at the race near me last month. A bit ditzy but a cutie. Little girl too. Abuses here poor IF.
yep, Blue Diamond Park - DE. nmclimbo
Dec 3, 2003 6:11 AM
re:Thanks Mike.Dream plus
Dec 3, 2003 7:14 AM
I was there. I helped set up the course and worked registration and scoring. Randy Root is the Snow Valley guy in the mud the elites refused to go through. When Wayne and I were previewing the course a few weeks ago, there were hidden rocks in there that made the mud pretty treacherous. They were routed around for the final mud section that everyone but the elites rode through. It was a good finish when Ryan Leech busted out the bunny hop for the barriers in the last lap and caught up to Greg Marini, going by him on the last runup and holding him off for the sprint.
Joey Thompsom (DEVO/ Balance bar) bunny hopped the double barriers every lap! wow. There are more picture links to be found here:
( you'll have to wade through some banter)

bike choicesnwbdrhoon
Dec 7, 2003 2:53 PM
Fuji Cross (as mentioned the new one) is a good choice.

XO1, Redline Conquest, Kona Jake the Snake, Lemond Poprad, Surly all make good choices. eBay or the classifieds on this website are a good place to start.
the mtb hardtail...

go fo' it!