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Little (too long) Rec. Ride report...(4 posts)

Little (too long) Rec. Ride report...damon
Dec 1, 2003 1:21 AM
I don't usually write ride reports, but this board seems like it needs a little more non-racing flavor (or flavour for my new canadian brothers and sisters).

'CROSS IS PAIN was my first thought as i got up at 7:00 a.m. to hit the road by 8. I'm unemployed now (almost... have... job... c'mon company!) so anything before 10:00 is just unheard of. Bleary-eyed, i get my least stinky of wool jerseys, find all my cool-weather gear like my trusty and unfortunately snot-crusty fleece gloves, finally making sure that tape is still on my shoes to block the wind. Yup... good to go. Say bye to the cat and i hit the road via bagel joint.

I quickly found out Ed (my bianchi) is *not* a morning bike. What can i say? Like father, like son. Half way out, the derailleur cable decides to slip from the bolt. The "cross is pain" thing whisks through my mind, but no big deal, fix in a flash... on the road again. Two blocks later, pulling away from a stoplight, i hear that "fsss-fsss-fsss" coming from the front of my bike that can only mean one thing. Cross is pain (and a flat tire - ripped valve stem???). Now where did i put that spare... damn. Amazingly enough, my valve stem patch held for all but 3 block away from Crank-a-Roo's place (several miles away). Thanks for the tube, dude... until IT freakin' went bad too!!!! At least we were on the way to a bike shop.

Pain... such pain...

So, all fixed up, we head up the mountain road to the local "XC" trails, which still has vancouver's preferred cycling surface: wet processed wood laid over perfectly good dirt (errr... mud). The dirt ride was fun! Definitely pushed both Q-a-R's and my technical skills, but we made it all the way down, despite all the 1' drops, steep rocky descents, rampy thingies, and narrow ladder/bridge thingies. We were both amazed at what our bikes were willing to do. I must say i am definitely glad i have a set of 38c tires, though.
Probably the highlight of the ride was catching a breath at that opening in the trail catching up to the two uber-freeride guys. Each one of them had to have weighed more than both of us combined! Certainly the juxtaposition... for some reason, we didn't really see them the rest of the way down :-). It was really cool to see Q-a-Roo, deep in that lush forest overlooking a creek, hop off his bike for some steep climb and run up it in quality ‘cross fashion (something my congested front triangle doesn't really allow me to do). We really were smiling all the way down.

Pain... what pain?

Even with a slight head wind, the leisurely ride home was relaxing and a great way to get back. Total time out for me? A little over 4 hours including a quick stop for breakfast and way more mechanicals than i've had in a looong time.

I wish i would have brought my camera, because where we were riding was truly beautiful. Maybe next time. So, moral of the story? Have fun, ride ‘cross, and clear morning rides with your bike before you surprise it with one. A grumpy Ed is not to be trifled with.

re: Little (too long) Rec. Ride report...Crank-a-Roo
Dec 1, 2003 1:49 PM
I was very pleased with the ride myself. It was some of the best ride I have done in years. It totally reminds me of the early days of mountain biking. We had no suspenstion, but still managed to ride most of the trails and even some ladders and bridges on our 700c tires.

We didn't ride the trails in record speed, but I think we did it in record fun. WE had ear to ear smiles the whole. I would never think that my cross are that capable.

I am so stoked from the ride, I am already saving for a drop bar mountain bike.

If you own a 'cross bike, you owe it to yourself to push the limit. You gotta go out there and enjoy the ride. I will give a different prespective on how you ride as a biker.

Trust me, I had fun and definatelt looking forward to my next adventure with Damon and Ed.
Damon...aka GMF?!!tsartre
Dec 2, 2003 11:17 PM
Not sure if that's you, but I'm guessing yes from the stinky wool jersey reference.

Hi from Tony in SoCal.
Damon...aka GMF?!!damon
Dec 3, 2003 2:00 AM
Word, dude!

Do i owe you that e-mail, or do you owe me one? Anyway, check your inbox!

-Damon (aka GMF)(?!!)