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Tucson, AZ CX racing starts Nov. 30th(1 post)

Tucson, AZ CX racing starts Nov. 30thPirateGirl
Nov 26, 2003 10:52 AM
I just found out that the Tucson CX Race #1 has been bumped to Nov. 30, which is this Sunday! I almost missed it! So I'm helping to spread the word. Racing begins at 9 AM, and this one's at Himmel Park.

Details are below and on the Desert Foxes site under "Club Events":

I hope to have pics for a ride report after this weekend. I'm so excited! Cross season in the SW is finally here!


****************Race Details****************************

Lesson 1:
November 30th @ Himmel Park
Lesson 2:
December 14th @ Ft. Lowell Park
Lesson 3:
January 4th @ Murietta Park
State CX Championships:
January 11th @ Reid Park

Category C: Juniors 10 & under, Juniors 11-13. Entry fee is $5 (which includes the one day license). Race begins at 9:00am and will last 20 minutes.

Category B: Masters Men (40+), Women, Juniors 14-16 and Juniors 17&18. Entry is $10 (this includes a one day license for the juniors). Race begins at 9:30am for 30 minutes.

Category A: Open. This is for anyone not covered by an aforementioned category, or for you sickos who want to do a second race. Rave begins at 10:15 am. Entry is $10, and will be 45 minutes long.

Some things to note for this year:

*As always, race day registration only.
*USCF or NORBA licenses are accepted. One day licenses will be available for $5.

*As per updated USCF rules, barrier height has been increased to 16" . Also, only four dismounts are permitted per lap, with only two being artificial. This means that this year there will only be two sets of barriers per lap, and they will be higher!

* Juniors 10 & under, and Junior 11-13 must dismount at each section, but will be permitted to run around the barriers rather than going over them. We understand that Kid to Bike weight ratio is usually 1:1.

* In order to keep this race cheap, we have eliminate prizes this year. Also we got tired of everyone not picking up their money. Juniors 13 and under will receive ribbons at every race, and every category's top three places will receive trophies at the end of the series.