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Velomax Sagitta CX wheelset?(6 posts)

Velomax Sagitta CX wheelset?AJS
Nov 25, 2003 6:21 AM
This is the wheelset that comes OEM (both disc and non-disc) on the new Redline Conquest. But Velomax doesn't list them on their website - apparently they're only made for Redline. I've e-mailed Velomax, but no reply yet.

Does anyone know what rims and spokes, etc. are used for these wheels?
re: Velomax Sagitta CX wheelset?arctic hawk
Nov 25, 2003 9:16 AM
I have actually called Velomax & they have not updated their webiste with the 2004 stuff. It is available for retail though &, from memory, it is not cheap either.
Got a reply from them....AJS
Nov 25, 2003 12:40 PM here it is:



Good questions. Here are the answers:

Our Sagittas are available for purchase separately. The rear wheel is
road spaced (130mm). The wheelset uses 28 Sapim double-butted j-bend
spokes in both the front and rear wheels. The rim is made proprietary
for us, and is the same hearty rim that we use on our Circuit road
wheelset. Retail price is $399.90 for the set.

Front wheel weighs 885grams
Rear wheel weighs 1047grams

The spokes are double-butted 2.0/1.7.

The spokes are 3x pattern.

The spokes are J-bend for 2 reasons. 1 - This significantly decreases
production cost, so we are able to offer them at such a "screamin'"
price. 2 - Since 'cross wheels are subject to more extreme conditions,
there is greater chance for spoke breakage. So we wanted to make them
as service-friendly as possible.

Dan Reback
Inside Sales and Technical Service

Velomax Company, Inc.
P: 562-901-4200
F: 562-901-4217


So for a pre-built wheel and considering the weights, $400. isn't bad.
Another option ...Gripped
Nov 25, 2003 1:40 PM
I have been thinking about getting a wheelset with:

* DA 7700 front and rear hubs 28 hole
* Mavic CXP 33 rims
* DT Revolution spokes front
* DT Competition 2.0/1.7 spokes rear drive side
* DT Revolution spokes rear non-drive side
* DT brass nipples

I haven't decided on a lacing pattern ... I'm guessing the weights will be:

* 800 g. front
* 1050 g. rear

The biggest plus is that the DA hubs are servicable by me using good old cone wrenches and grease. Flyweight made a similar suggestion but with a different rim (tubular, non-aero).

Colorado Cyclist will build this spec for a shade under $400 and the hubs will last a lifetime.
lacing ...atpjunkie
Nov 25, 2003 8:54 PM
if you are over 150 lbs and plan on beating them (cx) at 28 hole I'd go 3x. Brass nipples will help, you can save some weight using Velocity Aeroheads (veed and lighter than the cxp 33's) I'm a clydesdale and run either Aerohead or fusion on my clinchers, 32 spoke 3x straight 14's, rims take alot of abuse and do just fine.
Thanks guys, but...AJS
Nov 26, 2003 6:17 AM
...I was just interested in what those "new" Velomax' were. I'm doing Ok for now with my WTB Speedmaster's.