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Estacada Tiber Park Cross Crudade Race Photos(4 posts)

Estacada Tiber Park Cross Crudade Race PhotosGripped
Nov 24, 2003 11:20 AM
The Cross Crudade finale was at the Estacada Timber Park. The course was wide open with plenty of opportunity to pass and show mount and dismount prowess. It rained and snowed (!) all week in Portland but Saturday was merely overcast and the sun peaked out on Sunday for the racing. Racetime temps were around 40 with periods of sun. The damp ground made for some slight mud and treacherous corners.

I did my usual pre-race routine and felt pretty good warming up. I nabbed my favorite starting position and waited for the gun. I got a great jump on the paved uphill straight and was sixth going into the first turn. I cranked through the first half of the first lap before settling into a more sane pace.

By the second lap, I had found my groove and began working my way up a roup of a dozen riders strung out over 50-75 yards. By the second to last lap, I had picked off a number of the riders in the middle of the pack group and way bearing down on a guy on a bean green Surly. Near the middle of the lap, I set up to take him coming out of a sharp corner. I think he felt my pressure and he tried to push through the corner and went down right under my wheels. For a moment I thought I could hop and ride over him but my bike must have gotten caught on something since I ended up falling headfirst over his bike. My right leg smacked into something and my nakle still hurts quite a bit today and I have a nasty lump on my shin just under my knee.

While I untangled my bike, 5-6 riders went around us. I wasn't the same after the wreck and limped the last lap and a half. I was really feeling strong before I went down and was looking at taking a couple more riders so the wreck was a real downer.

The course was outstanding -- my favorite of the season. It had a nice combination of fast and technical sections. It had three challenging down and ups with another run up added in. It had one really nasty off camber section and lots of not quite so nasty off camber sections. And it was an excellent spectator course.

The brutal quint (5) barriers near the end of the lap.

Curve through the trees. Most of the curves were damp enough to be treacherous.

Rocky bottom U-turn of a down and up.

The outside line of the same rocky bottom U-turn of a down and up.

The uphill portion of the same down and up. Check out the single speedo rider going for double points.

This U-turn at the bottom of a different down and up gave a lot of riders a bad time.

Action shot of a bike lift.

A couple of crashes. That's me in the yellow jersey on the far left.

Two single speedos. The speedo guy on the left was FAST! He would have done well in the A race.

Gratuitous butt shot. I am the guy in the yellow jersey in the middle.

Start of one of the women's divisions (B's I think). The narrow bridge above the starting pavement was part of the course. It got really slippery.

Photos courtesy www.oregonvelo.comGripped
Nov 24, 2003 11:26 AM
Shane Young did a great job taking taking photos at the race and quickly posting them on
Good Job!Dropped
Nov 24, 2003 1:24 PM
I took the family out to see the race and it was a blast. The course looked like a lot of fun. Uou could stand in one place near the finish line and see about 3/4 of the course.

Barry Wicks in the Cat. A looked pretty strong. His winning margin would have been huge, but he really coasted the last lap or so. It looked like he was riding most of the course -- stuff everyon else had to run up he rode.
re: Estacada Tiber Park Cross Crudade Race Photosrentedmule
Nov 24, 2003 4:54 PM
It was a great course on Sunday. Probably my favorite course yet and also the one I did the best at. I seem to remember it being called the McTarnahan's six-pack though.