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cutting drop bars- tech and style advice?(4 posts)

cutting drop bars- tech and style advice?richpierce
Nov 20, 2003 2:01 PM
I never grip the bars near their ends, even on the drops, and I do use the drops a fair amount. So I am considering cutting some length off my handlebars on both my cross bikes.

One has bar-end shifters and so I think I'd cut back about the length of the shifters, taking care to retain enough straight section. This would help avoid the race "knee-shifts" that are painful and generally distressing.

The other has STI and I have no good reason to cut them except I've got the notion that the extra bar length is useless.

I will probably use a tubing cutter like I use on copper "pipe" etc.

Is this nuts, harmless, what? Any reason not to?
You're not nuts at all. It's harmless (IMO)haystack
Nov 20, 2003 7:29 PM
I believe Simon Burney wrote in his first Cyclocross book that if you use bar cons(bar end shifters) you should do exactly as you're thinking of doing, cutting off as much bar as the shifter is long.

As for cutting, you are already ahead of the game. A copper tubing cutter is perfect for the task at hand. Be bure to use the appropriate size cutter, not too big, not too small. Take it slow and be sure to file the bar ends afterward to remove any sharp burrs. And remember, measure twice, cut once.
re: cutting drop bars- tech and style advice?flyweight
Nov 21, 2003 9:42 AM
Back in the era of "drillium" (the 1970's) this was common practice. If you don't use the space you might was chop it off. I've always hacked off any extra seatpost I didn't need. Just measure the distance from where you normally have your saddle down to the minimum insertion line and cut off that much from the end (I always leave a few mm to spare, in case I want to dabble with my position or change saddles) It's a cheap weight weenie trick.
just did it and love itdesmo
Nov 23, 2003 11:21 AM
I'm running TTT Formas with barcons. At first I hated how far back the levers were and the fact the cable was always in the way when I was in the drops. I did not want to spend the dough on STI and no braze-ons and fat down tube ruled out D/T's. Chopping about an inch and a quarter off the ends brought the levers right up were I can shift easily and allowed my to rout the cables exits right under the brake hoods and out of my way. Saw the tip about cutting the bars on this post a few weeks ago. Major improvement!