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assigning and scoring points in a series(5 posts)

assigning and scoring points in a seriesJS Haiku Shop
Nov 20, 2003 12:15 PM
so i'm reading the FAQ post below and followed it through to good stuff. they have a points schedule posted for all their classes. the points for elite men are as follows, from placings 1 (first) through 25 (last place to receive points), from the top down:


here's the question: what's the benefit of doing it this way over just adding places from race to race and taking the lowest number? for example:


race #1
RCarp 1
Cyclochip 2
Tater 3
TNSquared 4
J's Haiku 5

race #2
J's Haiku 1
Cyclochip 2
TNSquared 3
Tater 4
RCarp 5

adding those #s for series final scores gets:

RCarp 1+5 = 6
Cyclochip 2+2 = 4
Tater 3+4 = 7
TNSquared 4+3 = 7
J's Haiku 5+1 = 6

this comes out to:

name/series place
Cyclochip 1st place with 4 points
RCarp and J 2nd place tie with 6 points
TN2 and Tater 3rd place with 7 points

sure, spread out over 2 more races, you'd probably shake out some of the ties. but that really opens this post up to a second question:

what do you do about ties?

we're holding a 4-race series, and i'm a little concerned about i've made one of the rules that participants must race in at least 3 of 4 races, and the final date gets 'em double points. to add some flava, i've also scheduled double points for singlspeed riders on each of the last 3 dates if they do someting strange. ok, it's a little strange, but so are they.

so what's the skinny on points, and series placing ties?


re: assigning and scoring points in a seriesrichpierce
Nov 20, 2003 1:54 PM
Umm, if somebody doesn't race using this system you proposed, they get a better score. Say someone races 3 races instead of 4- their score is lower and thus better. Too confusing. Especially with your double points rule- that's a double penalty!

Ties: Say you have 4 races and two racers each raced 4 races and won 2x and came in 2nd 2 times. Break it down by best finishes, next best finishes, then head to head, finally, head to head in most recent race.

Best placing: They both have 2, first place finishes, so this first tie-breaker does not work.

Next best placing: They both have 2, 2nd place finishes so this second tie-breaker does not work

Head to head: they both won 2x and came in second 2x so they each beat the other one 2x and this tie-breaker didn't work

Most recent race- this is the tie-breaker in this case.
thanks. how is your points scale/schedule configured? nmJS Haiku Shop
Nov 21, 2003 8:34 AM
LOL! I'll send my entry, no-show, and win with a zero!...Spunout
Nov 21, 2003 4:40 AM
Okay, also consider dropping one or two worst results (best five of 7) gives everyone a DNF or sick day.

Our points start at 18, down by 2 to 10, then by ones to one. Everyone who enters gets one point. Even DNFs. Go figure.
thanks. btw we only have 4 races in the series. nmJS Haiku Shop
Nov 21, 2003 8:35 AM