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Need help/opinions on first CX build...(2 posts)

Need help/opinions on first CX build...kamss
Nov 19, 2003 11:49 PM
i'm planning on building up a salsa las cruces frame and need help/opinions on my build. mainly, i need to make sure i won't have problems with the drivetrain.

most parts will come off a '02 titus drop-u that i rarely ride. drivetrain should go as follows;
dura-ace double shifters, 9sp.
xtr fr. and rr. der.
9sp 12/27T ultegra cassette, sram pc69 chain
46/34T xtr cranks (granny removed)

should i epxect any problems with this drivetrain?

as for the fork, i am going to go with either a winwood muddy cx carbon fork or a pace rc-31 fork. the pace fork is 415mm crown to axle, which is 15mm taller than the winwood and most other forks. it's also heavier, but it's one of the smoothest riding rigid forks out there (i used one on my ss mtn. bike). how will the 15mm longer crown to axle affect the handling of the bike??? my intuition tells me the bike will be more twichy as low speed, but stable at higher speed...right?

thanks in advance for any help.
re: Need help/opinions on first CX build...Love2du
Nov 20, 2003 5:29 AM
The only thing I can question is the chainline. Make sure you have the correct bottom bracket length so your chainline is good, but with a double crank it may not be an issue. Just something to think about. Good luck.