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Disc Brakes and the UCI(2 posts)

Disc Brakes and the UCIPNW Rider
Nov 19, 2003 1:37 PM
Found this at Velo Seems like the reason(s) behind the ban or kinda unclear??

"And a UCI Disc Brake for ‘Cross Bikes Update
Just received this letter from Craig Wright over at Redline Bicycles (which has a fair stake in promoting the legality of disc brakes on ‘cross bikes because of its commitment to disc adaptable frames and use of disc-adaptable VeloMax wheelsets). Wright had put in an inquiry to the UCI (as did VeloNews) hoping to divine the rationale behind the decision to ban disc brakes from the pro category at UCI sanctioned events. Wright received this response a few weeks later:

Dear Sir;
The board of UCI is attached to keep a difference between cyclo-cross and mountain bikes events.
We can find there a cultural and historical approach. For massed start road races inclusive cyclo-cross, there is a specific regulation for the material used. On the other hand, for mountain bikes events, the materiel is free.

Also, till to-day we have not yet received a request for approval for the technology of disc brakes according to our article 1.3.004.

Jean Wauthier
UCI Technical Consultant"
How Laissez Faire! (rant)haystack
Nov 19, 2003 8:38 PM
I find it hard to believe that an international sanctioning body, with some (I assume)intelligent peolpe on it's board, has never really considered "the technology of disc brakes" and that it may have applications in it's races. And what "material" are they referring to that's different between road and mountain bikes, steel? Aluminum, Carbon? Titanium? Duranium, what?

Just what is it these people do? Do they not do anything until someone brings it to their attention? Seems quite weak to me.

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