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Race Report SoCal 11-16(5 posts)

Race Report SoCal 11-16atpjunkie
Nov 18, 2003 9:32 PM
Hey, CeloPacific put on a great race this weekend and we were blessed by rain. Course had all kinds of wet sloppy off camber grass that was quicker to run than ride (except for the light elite guys who somehow floated right through). was an excellent mix of grass dirt, fireroad, single track etc.... My camera died but I'll post what pix I got hopefully on Th. Now, speaking of CXers lack of attitude, with about 3 laps to go I was having a mud induced mechanical. There was a section that neared the pit, then made a small loop away and back to it. I yelled into the pit that I was having a problem and could someone grab my other bike. After negotiating the loop and entering the pit area who do I see, last years B champ waiting to take my bike and last years A Champ and National Podium Placer holding my spare. Exchange was totally pro and although I'm only a older, Clydesdale racing mostly for fun, for a minute or so I felt like Mario Freakin De Clercq. Talk about lack of attitude and friendly racers. CX RULES! thanx Thad and Brent you guys are A#1 in my book.
re: Race Report SoCal 11-16jm3
Nov 19, 2003 9:56 AM
Yeah, that was a great race. Loved the conditions, especially the off-camber grass section which gave everybody fits. I learned my lesson - next time I'll run.

Prenzlow put together a very good course, and dominated as usual. I can't wait to see how he does at nationals. I guess he'll ride the masters race, and is favored to tkae it.

Celo Pacific should be commened for such a good cx series. I raced Urban CX the week before, and it's a good race, but Celo Pacific really blows them away with their venue and course make-up.

Hey atp, what did you race? I've seen my last "C", I guess. I only placed third, but we were pretty far out in front of everybody else - you start to feel guilty after awhile. In fact the "C" winnner went on to place third in the "B" race a half hour later. Not bad.
re: Race Report SoCal 11-16atpjunkie
Nov 19, 2003 1:29 PM
raced C's as well. having had a baby in June my form is quite off from last year. I was with the lead group for the first 2.5 laps and then my lack of fitness, my age (40) and weight (230) sends me backwards. I have to be absolutely ready on form to compete and it's just not possible this year. Was riding white Specialized and Yellow Ridley.Yea I spoke with the guy who won the C's and then podiumed in the B's. I told him if he's podiuming in B's, racing C's would be considered 'sandbagging'. Especially since you have to have enough fitness to race twice. To be able to do that and compete shows you are at the upper level. Nice guy, probably would have won the B's had he not raced twice. Are you the guy on the Ibis? If so we've spoken.I think Brent will do both elite and masters 35, yes he should do very well.
re: Race Report SoCal 11-16jm3
Nov 19, 2003 7:21 PM
I had the Orange Kelly. Team Monex. I hear ya on the kid thing. With my first daughter (and some medical issues) I ballooned to 260. I'm floating between 190 - 195 now, but I really need to be 175 - 180 to be competitive in the 35+ Masters where I belong. Hopefully, before the last few races, I'll get there, but it's been difficult to break the 190 barrier.

Blaine was the C winner, and I honestly don't think he knew how fast he was going. We spoke after our race, and he genuinely didn't seem to know if he could hang with the B's. I guess he got his answer. He flew by me, and I knew I'd never catch him if he didn't blow. He wasn't that fast during the first race as I was ahead of him before screwing up a re-mount and throwing my chain. I don't think he'll be back in the C race.

What got me was losing 2nd to Mark from Felt. At the first Celo Pacific race, he blew big time and finished way back. When he passed me, I didn't chase figuring he'd blow again. Didn't happen. Mark has been escorting Prenzlow all over the west coast racing every weekend, and its payed off for him. I closed in on the last lap until we reached the grass area. He blew me away through there and I realized why he had been able to stay away the whole race. He is very good at running with the bike. His technique is very good and, you wouldn't know it to look at him, but he's fast - big long strides even at the end of the race. I was impressed. I wish he would've went with Blaine when he made his move - it would've been a great duel between Blaine's strong riding, and Mark's excellent technique. Blaine wasn't particularly strong through the barriers.

Hang in their with the baby. Our second is now 20 months old, so I know how difficult it is to find training time. That's one of the reasons I love CX, you have fun no matter what. By the way, who helped you on Sunday - Cervantes?
re: Race Report SoCal 11-16atpjunkie
Nov 20, 2003 7:43 PM
spoke with Blaine as well. Nice Guy and yes he didn't realize how fast he was either. The reason you probably didn't catch Mark was he was running the off camber section, was way faster than riding. I'm sure Brents technique isrubbing off. For me pure 'race weight' would be about 200-210, that was my rowing weight at sub 8 body fat. I've lost some upper body so maybe 200, and I'd be okay cause my wattage is good when I have time to train. Next year...I hope. I never balloned to 260, lucky but 245 ain't far. I'm about 230 now but my riding went from 6 days to 3 a week. Yes, I still had fun, and yes it is why I race cx, fun and friendly. My pit crew was none other than Brent and Thad. Was pretty cool seeing them as I entered the pit.