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Neophyte Promoter Checklisttriangleforge
Nov 14, 2003 8:11 AM
Seasoned Cyclocross promoters, help me out -- I'm putting on my first race of any kind in a little over a week (The Tacchino Ciclicross in King George, Virginia on 11/23 -- check it out & register at, and a second one two weeks later (MABRA District Cross Championships, 12/6 in Reston, VA -- ditto on the All the permits, flyers, insurance are in order, the course is laid out, and the porta-johns are ordered. We'll be using the MABRA district 'cross kit (barriers, step-in plastic fenceposts, etc.) Registration is in the capable hands of one of my teammates who's handled it at much bigger races than this, so I'm at ease about that. Volunteer support seems to be pretty strong.

One thing I could really use is a good checklist of stuff to bring to the racecourse the day before (when we'll be setting barriers, stakes & "Caution" tape) & the day of the race. Here's a start off the top of my head:

* Tables, chairs, awnings for registration
* Race numbers, pins
* Waiver forms, License applications (day & year), pens
* Sponsor banners
* Merchandise Prizes (& the team checkbook for $$$ prizes)
* Chainsaw, brushcutter, 2-Stroke gas (in case the race official decides on a last-minute course change)
* A bottle of lambic or good abbey ale for after.

I'm sure I'll think of other things, but I figured I'd throw out what I've got on the top of my head and see if anyone could add to it.

Also appreciated would be any insider tips to help things run smoothly from race to race.
Comforts of homestratoshark
Nov 14, 2003 8:45 AM
Given that I've raced in one cx race before and volunteered at a couple, here are my Holiday Inn Express suggestions:

- tools for setting up barriers - if they need spikes or anchors hammered into the ground, obviously bring hammers - sledge hammers with short handles work well and make fast work of it

- food for volunteers - it's nice to come to a tent or building and warm up w/ soup, coffee, sandwiches, etc. - especially if it's wet and cold - applies to set-up day and race day

- bike wash area for racers - if you have a water connection (called a spigot where I come from, y'all) just bring a garden hose, the racers will take care of the rest

Good luck! And thanks for setting up the races. You're out of my area, but I appreciate your efforts just the same.

re: Neophyte Promoter Checklistrichpierce
Nov 14, 2003 8:51 AM
That's a good list.
Small details to add:
Clipboards for racers to fill out forms while standing in line
Paperweights (clean rocks)
white board posting start times, which side to pin numbers, etc to save answering 100 questions
trash bags
toilet paper
Board to post results on
if you can manage podiums that's cool
digital camera- capture volunteers as well as racers, make a story out of it. Especially take photos of racers passing in front of sponsor banners and send copies to your sponsors
One bit of advice...Dwayne Barry
Nov 14, 2003 9:03 AM
your post seems to indicate that you will be caution taping the course the day before. That probably isn't the best idea especially if it's windy at all. The tape tends to stretch and before you know it is blowing out into the course making it much more narrow in places.
Cordless Drillpitt83
Nov 14, 2003 9:58 AM
With screws, screw bits and drilling bits. Having that everywhere I go where I'm doing anything involving manual labor has gotten me out of countless jams.

Just keep it in your car. If you never use it, so what.
I'm looking forward to your races!cbass
Nov 14, 2003 10:26 AM
It sounds like you have all the details covered.

Can you describe the Tacchino course?
Tacchino coursetriangleforge
Nov 14, 2003 12:23 PM
(Tacchino, by the way, is Turkey in Italian -- check our homepage at for a cool cartoon!)

I posted a quick note on the course to the MidAtlantic cross list:

"The COURSE: You'll feel omnipotent in some places,
grovel through others, and totally engaged throughout.
One short technical bit will pose a puzzle to you
that may -- or may not -- show you the fast line
through sometime before the end of the race. Rolling
grass, hard & fast gravel roads, some soft loamy
spots, lots of grade changes, and plenty of chances to
show your skills on off-camber bits. Climbing back
toward the start-finish area, you'll wonder if you're
hallucinating that Prohibition-era pickup truck with
the reqisite bullet holes in the door. You're not. A
fun, challenging course with lots of scenic beauty and
fun things to see before the tunnel vision sets in."

Basically, the start/finish is at the high point of
the course, which passes through a low point at a
dry creekbed at about the midpoint.

The terrain is quite rolling,
though, so it won't feel so much like downhill then
uphill; more like the first half will be fast and
hard, with the second half not so fast and harder.
Generally, the first half of the course will reward
technical prowess (especially an ability to carry
speed through some very tricky corners), while the
second half has one steady grade that will be a chance
to pour on power. We rode the course last weekend at
race pace for the first time, and it took about 6:30;
just about right. We haven't decided on barrier
placement yet, though there are a couple of spots
where riding/running is kind of a tossup as to which
is fastest; if it's wet, no barriers will be
necessary, if it's dry, we'll probably have at least
one fast double and one slow barrier.

There's one turn that I still haven't come close to figuring out, the first time the course dips into the woods; you'll know it when you see it, I guarantee!

Porta-Potties and logo'd Schwaghaystack
Nov 14, 2003 12:54 PM
There's nothing worse than going to a race and there isn't any place to 'take care of business.' Also, a warm, dry changing area would be luxurious after a mudfest, but that's probably unrealistic.

Also, I'm a freak for schwag with anything that has a nice logo. Free's nice, but I spent nearly $70 at the Milagra Ridge Bay Area Super Prestige Series event on an event t-shirt, $15(great fundraiser idea), 4 pairs of event socks, $8 pair(2 for me, 2 for my son) and a Velo Bella babydoll top for my wife, $20(Sabine, my wife was very appreciative and looks great in it).