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Soma Double Cross owners--feedback?(4 posts)

Soma Double Cross owners--feedback?Skidoo
Nov 11, 2003 5:42 PM
I'm considering a do-all road bike with moderate touring and rail-trail riding capabilities. The leader is the Soma b/c of the frame material, price, geometry & braze-on's, etc. Also looking at Surly (heavy, less desirable steel, tank-like geometry) Kelly (light, no rack braze-on's, price) or Ionic (no rack braze-on's, maybe too lite weight/?, nice Company to work with tho--I already have a DEAN Ti frame)

How is the Soma Double-X re: ride quality, stiffness compared to some of these frames(is there a chainstay bridge on the Soma?)
Are there other frames I should consider?
re: Soma Double Cross owners--feedback?Gotta_B_Different
Nov 12, 2003 1:02 AM
I bought a 2002 Double Cross a week ago & have about 100 commuting miles on it. My commute includes gravel levee roads, rugged urban pavement and a little swatch of singletrack. I have to jump a traffic island along the way. I love this bike. It's stiff where it needs to be stiff and springy where it needs to be springy. It is nimble but not twitchy.

I've experienced front derailleur cage rub one time so far. I rode a Trek Elance 400T for 11 years, and it rubbed about every time I mashed it.

The SOMA's relaxed geometry and beefy Interloc fork make it a good candidate for midweight touring. This is a strong, stable frame. It does have a chainstay bridge. The chainstay bridge and the brake bridge have bolt holes

I test rode a Lemond Poprad and the 853 just felt too rigid. It transmitted road texture to my hands in a way that the 631 tubing doesn't. It's all what you're looking for, I guess. No doubt the Poprad would take the Double Cross in the sprints.

You should definitely ride a Poprad, too, before deciding.

I'm a sissy about triple cranksets and damn the weight. The bike stores I was dealing with wanted $150 to put a triple drivetrain on the Poprad.
re: Soma Double Cross owners--feedback?flyweight
Nov 12, 2003 9:09 AM
I used to work at the shop that designed the Soma frames so I am bit biased. For what you're looking to do I'd definitely rule out the Kelly and Ionic. Great frames but not for what you're looking to do. Bikes handle very differently once you add a rack and panniers. I have a Gunnar cross bike which rides great. However the chain and seat stays are pretty light guage tubing and it shows when you put on the panniers. The Soma frame uses stronger stays and is going to have a more stable ride when loaded.
re: Soma Double Cross owners--feedback?damon
Nov 15, 2003 2:13 AM
We bought this bike for my wife, in large part because it was one of the few production bikes that would fit her 5'2" frame. She loves it now. It is pretty much set up totally roadie pimpy roadie, and she can't get over how fast it is. I'm also quite pleased with how easy it was to build and how sensibly laid out the frame is (the obvious influence of bike mechanics and riders!), not to mention how versatile it is. Overall, i'd have to give the frame a hearty recommendation, and i'd gladly get one if i didn't already enjoy my bianchi steel CX so much...