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2 Questions.eyebob
Nov 11, 2003 2:42 PM
1) any one riding the Mountain Cycle cross frame that was introduced this year? I've always lusted their MOHO "soft-tail" (which they are not making anymore) and I saw that their new cross offering was using the same "soft ride" seatstay technology so I was curious.

2) What's the use of running a double ring up front? How many run a single chain ring up front vs. a double? Can't you just gear yourself out on the back to simplify as well as decrease your weight?

doubles vs. singlelaffeaux
Nov 11, 2003 3:14 PM
I run a double, 38/48 front and 12-27 rear, on my bike. For general use (i.e. not racing) I use both rings regularly, and if anything would opt to have a ring bigger than 48 for on-road rides.

For racing, I almost always stay in the 38. However there are a sections on some courses where I manage to get into the 48. This past Saturday there were two longish downhills where I used the 48.

Since most of my CX riding is not racing, I'm inclined to gear my bike toward general every day use, which means a double works better for me.
doubles vs. singleMShaw
Nov 11, 2003 5:43 PM
I usually switch out my 46t for a 50t large ring in the spring and use my cross bike on some rides. The 53t ring on my road bike doesn't match up exactly with my track rings, so I make sure it does.

I had a 38/48 setup on my cross bike for the first few practice sessions around here (San Diego) but found that I was staying on the big end (physical size) of the cassette. I switched out to a 34/46t set and find myself in the middle of the cassette or on the big ring now. I have friends that run a 34/44t setup and have a good time with that too.

re: Question 2haystack
Nov 11, 2003 5:38 PM
I run a double up front because I use my cross bike for more than cross. If my bike was going to be strictly for cross, then I'd definately consider a single chainring. What size that would be I have no idea, but it would virtually eliminate chain suck.

I spent some serious bank building up an old steel hybrid frame/forkset and wanted a nice cross/all-around bike and the double up front fit the bill for both cross and around city riding/touring. I use an XT rear derailleur/cassette combo in the rear for more durability and a wider range of gearing options. I'm running an Ultegra crankset with a stock Shimano 39T inner ring and a 48T Stronglight outer. This is my first year in cross and I have six races under my belt and am now seeing that one can constantly change gearing options in the beginning until a match is found.
re: 2 Questions.Crank-a-Roo
Nov 11, 2003 8:33 PM
I would run a single chain ring if the bike is strictly for racing. But my Cross Rig does more than racing. It is also to be used on the road. So, Double for me
Let me rephrase, then....eyebob
Nov 12, 2003 1:36 PM
For Cross RACING, would you find that you need/want a double or single up front????

BTW, no one's answered the MOuntain Cycle (Part 1) question.

Racing on a singlefatctycycl
Nov 12, 2003 7:00 PM
I am satisfied RACING on a single chainring. I have a 44 up front with an 11-32 in the back. A 44x32 is just a little lower than a 38x27. An 11-32 cassette is not exactly close ratio gearing but while racing I haven't caught myself wishing for a gear in between that I don't have.
I solved the issue; got myself 2 bikeseurochien
Nov 13, 2003 7:47 AM
one is equipped with 39/53 and whatever 9 speed cassette will work for the course (flat power course: 12-23 will work) and the other is a single chainring 42 with a 13/26. I had a 44 on but I found it hard to push uphill or to get up to speed right after an uphill remount. It all depends on the course and your strength, I heard Groenendal uses a single 48. Gasp. If you're not sure which would work best, you could get both a 44 and a 42 and switch according to the course, the hillier the course, the more you should use the 42. Hope this helps. Don't know a thing about Mountain Cycles, I ride Empellas.
correction: 48X9 sp. cassette, not 53...eurochien
Nov 13, 2003 1:17 PM
Not too many people use anything above a 48 for a double chainring setup. A 50 maybe on a very flat, dry course...
not seen the Mountain Cycles framelaffeaux
Nov 14, 2003 4:28 PM
I've not seen the Mountain Cycles frames. I think their MTBs are a frame that you either love or hate. I personally fit into the hate them category, so wouldn't be overly interested in any of their frames. I prefer the traditional triangle design, and don't appreciate monocoque frames. (just my opinion)