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Anyone use Mavic CXP 33's for their cross bike?(2 posts)

Anyone use Mavic CXP 33's for their cross bike?KG 361
Nov 10, 2003 12:38 PM
It is going to be too difficult to convert my SS Bianchi to a decent crosser (27 inch wheels) so I'm going to convert my OTHER ss/fixie, an early 80's Gitane (700c wheels), to a crosser. It has loads of clearance for the tires and I think that I can even get by using the original brakes-they are the old style calipers with a lot of clearance. Question is, I have CXP 33's on it (36 hole). They should be virtually indestructible. Anyone see any downside to using them?
No problem using Mavic CXP33's for crosshaystack
Nov 11, 2003 5:23 PM
CXP33's are strong rims and 36 spokes make them strong wheels. You won't have any problems with this setup. Have fun!