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Winter component projectHENRY K
Nov 7, 2003 9:24 PM
OK. I need your suggestions. I will be buying a road frame this winter and switching my Ultegra parts from my cross bike to it. I want to then put more cross specific parts on my cross bike. Bar end shifters, smaller chainrings (maybe 46 for big ring). The brakes are already there but I will need lever ideas. I would like to keep the 12-27 rear cogs (hopefully that will mean the same rear derailer) so I can still interchange wheels with the road bike. Give me your recommendations.
re: Winter component projectrichpierce
Nov 10, 2003 1:59 PM
Any aero brake levers off ebay should be fine. Diacompes, 105s, Soras, old skool shimano 600s, etc. Some are more pointy on the hoods than others for no good reason. You can find a set for $15 in good working shape.

A 46 chainring is plenty big and many racers around here run even smaller. I run 46/38 on one bike and 44/36 on the other, but never run out of gears. It depends on how they set up the courses where you are but running regular road rings is silly when the average speed is like 12-14 mph.

If you want to go cheap, get new LX MTB cranks for $60 and take off the inner ring. 42/32 and it should work for you or even just go with the 42 and run a 1x9 setup.

I like MTB rear derailleurs for that large a cogset.