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'Cross Etiquet question.(7 posts)

'Cross Etiquet question.unclefuzzy_ss
Nov 7, 2003 12:56 PM
I'd like to find a better way to warm up(like I even do that now...sheesh). I've seen few guys race the C's then line up for the B's. In particular, the C winner last weekend raced B's and did fairly well. Reason I ask, is that I'm not really rolling fast untill the last few laps. The first few, I'm way off the back even though I go out and do a few sprints to warm up a tad. Is this a legal thing this guys is doing?
re: 'Cross Etiquet question.cyclochip
Nov 7, 2003 1:42 PM
I imagine in a local race, that would be fine as long as it's OK with the race director.

Here in Memphis, the A race is right after the B/C race finishes, so it's not uncommon for A racers to be on the course for a lap or two while the B/C race is going on. The A people who are warming up stay out of the way of the people who are actually racing so that they don't effect the outcome of the race.

This was done last year, and it never bothered me.
No SandbagingBridgestoner
Nov 8, 2003 6:52 AM
People often race A&B in our local CX races. They get a break on the entry fee, but are only given credit in the standings for one race. We used to have a problem with the pro and elite racers skewing the B results and discouraging the sport riders.

So, sign up as a B racer, go ahead and race C for your warm up,but don't ruin it for the beginers by taking a place on the podium. Line up, but don't sign up.
It's disrespectfuliktome
Nov 8, 2003 9:16 AM
I don't think there are any circumstances under which it's acceptable to be on the course when other classes are racing. Treating the C race as your warm up is disrespectful to the folks competing in that race. Use roads or a trainer for most of your warm up, and if you don't have time to ride a lap or two between the races, talk to the race organizer about spreading the races apart more. But everyone racing deserves a course dedicated to their race.
Follow these rulesflyweight
Nov 10, 2003 8:43 AM
If you want to warm up on the course you need to obey the following rules:
1) Ask the race officials first. If it's a major race they're not going to want you on the course. If it's a local race it's usually OK.
2) Do not cross the finish line. This really pisses off the people running the race and can skew the results because you may get counted.
3) Don't ride with the pack. Hop on after everyone has gone past and keep an eye and ear open for anyone coming up behind you.
4) Pull off the course when racers are coming through. Be nice and cheer for them. Don't just stand there looking impatient like some stuck up a$$hole.
5) Keep your race number covered so people know you're not racing.
re: Follow these rulessnwbdrhoon
Nov 10, 2003 12:44 PM
I always assumed you can only race in one race...

I agree with the above.
good stuffcbass
Nov 10, 2003 1:18 PM
This weekend a couple of guys mysteriously showed up behind me on the last lap. For a minute I was a bit nervous that they were guys in my race that had caught me, but they cheered me on, kept a good distance behind, and had covered up their numbers with vests or jackets. That's the way it should happen. I don't mind someone warming up on the course as long as they are aware of the race going on and show respect to the racers.