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Shoulder injury recovery time back racing CX opinion(3 posts)

Shoulder injury recovery time back racing CX opinionRoger2
Nov 7, 2003 8:07 AM
I know any feedback will be subjective and depend on each person experience/injury. Never the less, I'm trying to gauge a time window of what others have experienced for recovery or back to unlimited action. Bottom line I guess I'm afraid of injuring it again, so my confidence is low and I'm wondering if I'm being to tentative or too pushy in getting back out there. I know the reality is it depends on my specific situation, but associating mine with what others have been thru can allow me to be comfortable in that I'm recovering fine, or I'm not, and perhaps things aren't healing as they should.

Four weeks ago this Sunday I will have been recovering from a right shoulder injury (sublexation). At this point, I've got full frontal range of mobility back in my shoulder including much of my strength. However, I still get the dull pinching pain in the back of the joint, when I bring my arm up and back beyond parallel with my shoulders.

Thanks for any info you share.
re: Shoulder injury recovery time back racing CX opiniondlbcx
Nov 7, 2003 9:46 AM
Had the same problem. Hit a fence post with left shoulder, which caused some pain and stiffness. Went to the next race and crashed on the barriers. Fell on an already dinged shoulder; more pain. If that wasn't enough, did one more race and again, crashed on the barriers. By this time, I could barely lift my arm to get on a shirt on. As usual, I didn't go to the doctor but my shoulder has gotten most of it mobility back but in certain movements, I get a twinge.
I have separated my right shoulder before and the injury on my left side wasn't as bad. If you check on some orthopedic websites, they may have some exercises which will help the mobility and strengthen the joint.
If you are tentative then don't race, let it heal then do some rides and see what you can handle.
Nov 7, 2003 10:07 AM
I torn my left quadricep over a two week period and finished the job last sunday. I am rather down on the fact I'm missing out on this weekend, but do have to look foward to the singlespeed division at the Highland Park annual race. If all and well.

Stretching helps, as does Arnica tablets, kava kava tea, valerian pills, some good hot soaking bath time and rest.

Any MD with the additional DO are certified osteopathic specialists.
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