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note to self: mid-race = far too late for annual bike maint(8 posts)

note to self: mid-race = far too late for annual bike maintJS Haiku Shop
Nov 3, 2003 8:48 AM
of course my reputation continues to grow for 11th-hour wrenching, night before the race, or none at all. case in point: yesterday's first memphis 2003 'cross race (actually technically a practice race, not USCF permitted or anything). there will be 2 more before my 4-race winter series begins in december.

so for some reason i decide to ride in "B" this year instead of "C", where slow fat guys can hide in the field. B/C/Women take off together, a dozen or maybe a few more total, and i'm feeling great and in the front 4 or 5 up the first hill.

I shift to my triple ring and throw the chain. naturally the hill is just steep enough at this point that i've lost all momentum and can't shift up/pedal the chain back on. dismount, wrestle chain back on as field passes like i'm going backward. it's ok, 'cause there's a flat 400km paved walking path coming up, and i'm ready for some big ring action. i'm way off but working back up to the tail end of the C stragglers when the course turns to a fast but rough grassy downhill. you guessed it--first couple dips and my stem faceplate bolts decide it's time to let the bars go all willy-nilly. end up with the levers pointed at the ground. yank 'em back in and discover my rear brake is working at about 30%. lovely.

ride 3 laps gingerly on the bars before my non-riding bud can beg a multitool, where i stop at the start/finish to adjust bars back and tighten the stem. ZOOM all the guys i've caught are now blowing back by me.

results = DFL B rider and lapped by B winner. blew my reserve chasing. next weekend, bike and rider will be ready.

on a positive note, i can tell a big difference with all the running i've been doing. longest run in october = 8 miles of trail. end of the race yesterday i could barely pedal up the long hill, but i was running all those barriers no problem.

post-race after a medicinal stop i paused to share the setting with you. there's nothing quite as comforting as good beer and bad pizza. ok, tacos and ice cream are a close second.
re: note to self: mid-race = far too late to realize I SUCK! =)cyclochip
Nov 3, 2003 10:48 AM
I did this race also, and, much like last year, I sucked it up.

I race in the C's. I have no aspirations of winning at all. I love to ride my bike, but I'm just not that competitive of a guy. I mainly enter to ride the course and get some experience. And challenge myself.

And that I did.

With literally no warmup (just one loop w/ the group to familiarize us to the course) I felt OK on the first lap of the race. I passed JS Haiku while he was fiddling with his bike, and I knew it wouldn't be too long before I saw him again. I do believe he passed me on the pavement section. (I'm one of those C stragglers.)
Second loop, I'm starting to hurt. I jog barriers instead of run them. Legs burning on the long grass hill.
Third loop, I got baby deer legs. I had to walk a good bit of the hill. Walked one set of barriers.
Fourth loop and on, I had to walk most of the length of the grass hill. My legs just wouldn't pedal it, and I could never carry enough speed up it to make it any easier.

However, from about the fourth loop on, I didn't hurt as bad as I was on the second and third ones. I mean, I still wasn't fast or anything, but I wasn't hurting, either.
I wonder if I should start doing a few warmup laps to maybe get through the pain?

Anyway, I wanted to quit several times, but I didn't. I got lapped by everyone in the C's, but I had a ton of fun. I'm planning on doing every race in the area this year, so maybe eventually I'll get a little better at this. =)
you toughed it out, but serveral DNF'dJS Haiku Shop
Nov 3, 2003 12:16 PM
due to heat. was a rough day and the temps were high, especially for a race where running sub-vomit (usually) is coupled with riding up nasty soft grass hills and in some twisty singletrack on skinny tires. a tough day.

warm-up laps help me a bit, plus becoming familiar with the course is a good edge. however familiarity with the course did nothing for me as i rode the whole darned thing alone, chasing (without success).

if you liked this course you're sure to "enjoy" lakeland.

btw i'm having great luck with sponsorship and the series is looking to be a great one, bigger & better every day. local shops are all very enthused and it seems potential ridership is growing. any ideas how to spread the word further, besides shop flyers and website?


you toughed it out, but serveral DNF'dHeavyD
Nov 3, 2003 6:15 PM
Bikes Plus is having a demo day this Saturday November 8. There will be alot of bicyclist who might just want to try this cyclocross thing on their MTBs. Maybe handout flyers?
Where will the demo day be? thx (NM)SpecialTater
Nov 3, 2003 10:44 PM
shelby farms nmJS Haiku Shop
Nov 4, 2003 6:14 AM
you toughed it out, but serveral DNF'dcyclochip
Nov 3, 2003 10:59 PM
Yeah, I was gonna suggest the Trek demo thing. I saw a sign for a Trek demo day at the Peddler as well. I would assume it's the same day.

I've thought about maybe getting local media in on things. Sundays are big sports days obviously, and a few local stations do 30 minute sports news only shows. I imagine the novelty of people racing bikes in the Winter would get somebody interested.
Also, I know MCA sent in pictures to the CA, and quite a few got published as the 'Fitness Snapshot.'
Maybe other nearby area cycling message boards? Like Oxford, Little Rock, STL, Nashville, etc...

As far as other outlets go, I really dunno. Your aim is cyclists, and bike shops and bike events are pretty much the best way to go.
nice pic, the 4 food groups: Beer, Bikes, Pizza, and Beer...nmrwbadley
Nov 3, 2003 8:07 PM