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fitting Cross into a periodized plan geared towards spring(5 posts)

fitting Cross into a periodized plan geared towards springAsh
Oct 29, 2003 8:05 AM
Hi All,

My goals this year center around the 2004 MTB race season. I want to be fast in late April-September. Hence I am lifting now, and am about to start a pretty intense Hypertrophy lifting stage next week for 4 weeks, followed by a strength phase, then power. (This is all based on teh Dave Morris plan in his new book Performance Cycling) Hypertrophy and riding well do not go hand in hand. My riding plan is also periodized and will start up with some long slow stuff followed by some intervals. during and after the power phase of strength training.

Anyway, there is also this real low key cross training series once a week, that I've started to do just because it is so fun. Basically I get blown out the back and lapped half way through.

My main question is how do you structure your training so that you can do both spring/summer racing and also still do cross.

I know that you can't be fast all the time, and that you have to prioritize your season. But It just seems that for my current plan the cross is coming at the absolute worst time in the overall plan.

re: fitting Cross into a periodized plan geared towards springMShaw
Oct 29, 2003 10:34 AM
You've just hit the nail on the head for a lot of guys. Cross is intensity at exactly the wrong time of the year for most plans.

I'm out riding cross for funsies and to get out of my case of the "screw-its" from the summer.

Cross is going to get you out spinning your legs around in circles, just don't expect to be fast.

Play with it, have a good time, just don't "race."

re: fitting Cross into a periodized plan geared towards springrawket
Oct 29, 2003 10:38 AM
I personally just peak for cross. What are you thinking?!?!? J/K A lot of coaches will tell you that is impossible to have two big peaks in both summer and fall season, so you would have to work very hard to be 100% for both. The issue with lifting and cross combined is that cross is SO hard and takes SO long to recover from that you will compromise your lifting due to a lack of recovery from the cross race on Sunday. That said you need to have fun, even in the off season, so if you want to race cross I think you have the right attitude, go out, have a blast, don't destroy yourself and if you do find yourself lapped stay the heck out of the way so you do not affect the outcome of the race. Combine that with a nice long warm-up (1 hr +) and a nice long cool-down, and plan on a solid rest day Monday, and you should be fine. Hope that helps some... Enjoy the season!!!
re: liverichpierce
Oct 29, 2003 4:30 PM
This spring, after training hard all winter, I busted my scapula, wrist, and ribs on a recreational MTB ride. Lost fitness, 11 weeks off the bike, rehab, you name it.

Lesson: we don't know what will happen. If your livelihood depends on racing really well, maybe it's worth it to focus, focus, focus, and give up fun stuff like cyclocross, so you can be stronger at the right time next year. If you're alive then, and able to race.

I'm putting it into perspective from here on out. 50 years old, Expert MTB racer, there's 10 guys in the state near my age who can school me, I own the rest. Good enough for me. yes, I want to be as good as i can be, but I also want to have fun, ride hard when i want to, and let the devil take the hindmost.
Cake and Eating ItDream plus
Oct 30, 2003 5:17 AM
You know the answer. If you want to ride well in Cross season, you have to focus on cross to the detriment of some other aspect. Ideally you take a break midsummer and start specific training for cross.