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Surly frame sizing...(1 post)

Surly frame sizing...NewDayNewWay
Oct 23, 2003 1:27 PM
Hi all,

I'm going with a Surly Crosscheck for my bike build. I'm waffling between the 56 cm and the 54 cm. For comparison, I ride a 58 cm Trek 2300. I've got a 2" drop to the bars with 2 cm of spacers and 110 mm 7-degree stem. The key dimensions of a 56 cm CrossCheck match almost exactly the sizing of my 2300 (the TT and SO are virtually the same, and the seat tube length is really the same when you take into account differnce in way Trek measures), except the seat tube angle is 0.5 degrees less, which by my calculation moves me back about 0.5 cm (unless I move the seat up, of course).

With the 54, I would need more spacers or a stem with much greater rise than 7 degrees. But might also be more comfy for winter riding. I was planning to go with a 100 mm stem on the 56, but could go with a 110 mm on the 54.

This bike will be for gravel roads and very tame single track.

What are your thoughts... 54 or 56?