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Redline Conquest Pro -or- Lemond Poprad(2 posts)

Redline Conquest Pro -or- Lemond Popraddmoulton
Oct 20, 2003 1:27 PM
Considering each of these for dirt riding and cross racing. Any thoughts as to pluses and minuses for either?
Can't opine on the Lemond...AJS
Oct 20, 2003 5:47 PM
...I haven't ridden one yet. But I did like the Conquest for the fairly short demo I had, (the Yellow & Black one, natch!).

Didn't get to pace it through the doit, but just on the road. Good, tight-feeling CXer on paved at least, but IMO the parts group ain't that great for the price ($899. at the LBS). Guess with this rig you're paying mainly for the frame.(?)

That's OK tho' - you can always upgrade the parts a bit at a time as they wear out, but how you gonna fix up a crappy frame? ;)

Overall, my impression of the Redline Conquest was favorable. Good luck in your hunt!