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How to Avoid Cramps?(2 posts)

How to Avoid Cramps?pawistik
Oct 20, 2003 10:42 AM
In my first ever race yesterday I suffered a cramp in my side early in the race. The cramp subsided after a while to a dull ache.

How can I avoid this happening again? Is it what I ate beforehand? Or dehydration? Or lack of nutrients? Or lack of fitness? My guess is all of the above. I tried to drink lots beforehand, but maybe not enough. I had cheerios for breakfast about 2 houres before the race, and a Power Gel just a few minutes beforehand. I drank about 400 ml of water during the race.

Thanks for any tips you can offer.
re: How to Avoid Cramps?swimbikerunjump
Oct 20, 2003 11:48 AM
If I ate and drank like that I'd be done for. I eat 2 hours before (a muffin) and drink a bottle of water or 2 (and a tea) slowly before the race but I cannot drink during a race at that heart rate. Your body can only use a certain amount of water at any time and it cannot process it at all when it working hard. I can eat and drink at lower intensity but not at 'cross intensity. Practice doing some zone 3+ intensity workouts to get it right. make sure you hydrate before the race but dont guzzle - lots of experience with the triathlons has got me this far without those kind of problems anymore. If you want energy they say gummie bears are great, dont sit heavy and are bike ready. The gel needs too much water to work. by the way, milk can also be hard to digest before a race for many people.