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Stumptown Sunday -- Classic Cross Weather(5 posts)

Stumptown Sunday -- Classic Cross WeatherGripped
Oct 17, 2003 8:45 AM
NOTE: The picture was lifted from the site. There are more pictures on that site and they say that they will have pictures from all races posted by tonight. I really like this picture which is at the top of a run-up. You can see the rain drops coming down and everyone looks to be having a really good time.

Last Sunday, the Portland, OR Cross Crusdade hostED a UCI race that brought out the best US talent plus a couple of international riders (Erik Vervecken and Allison Dunlap). It rained off and an during the week preceeding the race so the ground was soft. Race day saw temps reaching 60 degrees with a south wind gusting over 20mph and periods of rain and sun. On Sunday, the NW joke about the weather held true: Don't like the weather? Wait 15 minutes and it will change.

The Jackson Middle School course was a classic UCI affair. The start-finish section was on a 150-200 meter section of slightly rising road. The course meandered through the Jackson MS playing fields which are terraced. The designers used the terraces to devious effect -- throwing lots of off-camber sections into the mix. There were two run-up, one of which was ridable for a few, and one set of triple barriers. Most of the course was on grass with the balance on pavement. The most challenging sections of the course were: 1) A long side hill section that claimed quite a few crashes, 2) A steep descent diagonally down a hill, 3) A steep plumb line hill with a 45 degree turn at the bottom that crossed a sidewalk then went right into the triple barriers. When I first arrived, I saw a guy go down on the sidewalk in the C race and tear off his rear derailleur. The Stumptown races had about 500 riders each doing 5-7 laps which means the course saw about 3,000 rider laps. By the time the elite riders raced, the course was pretty chewed up.

I arrived in plenty of time to warm up before the men's B race. But when I started riding my bike, I saw that I had a really bad wobble in my front wheel that had to be fixed if I was going to race. I went to the mechanics tent and asked to borrow a spoke wrench. Two guys hunted around in their tool box for over ten minutes, finally declaring that they had forgotten to bring spoke wrenches. I went back up to the parking lot hoping to find someone with a spoke wrench. I stopped at the first guy I saw and he had a multi-tool with a spoke wrench. I worked on the wheel enough to make it raceable and thanked him. This was not a good way to start.

By the time I got my wheel working, the course was already open for preriding. I managed to preride most of it before I staged. I ended up in the middle/back in the start and that is where I stayed the whole race, finishing 36th out of 58 starters and 51 finishers. The singlespeed riders raced with the B's and the first three finishers were SS riders. On the second to last lap, I kept an eye on the lead riders, hoping that I wouldn't get lapped. I managed to start my last lap a minute before the leaders finished -- a moral victory to finish on the lead lap. I borrowed a heart rate monitor but forgot to start the timer until the beginning of the fourth lap. I managed to log about 20 minutes of data: Avg HR = 176, Max HR = 184. Using the 220 minus age formula, my max HR is 182. Yikes!

Oh yeah, about the weather. The B race started overcast, then it rained, then it got sunny, then it got cloudy, then it rained, then we finished.
yeah, it was a great course. nice weather toocross eddy
Oct 17, 2003 11:02 AM
re: Stumptown Sunday -- Classic Cross Weathermcbaker55
Oct 17, 2003 11:08 AM
Great report! I raced the Masters 30+ and the course was pretty trashed at that point. I felt decent for the first three laps or so, but faded at the end. When I got home and cleaned the bike, there was so much grass in the pedals, bb, cassette, and jockey wheels, that I could barely turn my cranks!

It looks like more of the same this weekend at Barton Park.

Oct 20, 2003 10:38 AM
was nice, did anyone else notice that odd odor on the back section???

it was my second race (didn't make it to Stumptown), and the addiction (or insanity) is growing. I took advantage of a guy trying to ride through the dip and passed him on that section running up the next hill as I carried the running momentum.

Great race... next one for me is Johnson farm!
re: Stumptown Sunday -- Classic Cross Weathereurochien
Oct 17, 2003 1:27 PM
Awesome picture. Totally captures the essence of cross. I wish we had weather and courses like that in Colorado. Tomorrow's forecast: 80 degrees.