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contructing/securing barriers(4 posts)

contructing/securing barriersJS Haiku Shop
Oct 14, 2003 12:17 PM
what's the standard?

while i realize 40cm/~16" is the standard, it seems to me the barriers from last year were all 2x12" 10 or 12-foot boards. all barriers i've seen have been secured with rebar cut and driven in to the ground--4 or 6 pieces per barrier. this seems problematic...if the barriers were knocked down or through a crash diretly into the barrier, would the rebar not constitute a severe danger to the rider (a piece of metal sticking directly upward from the ground)?

any suggestions?
re: contructing/securing barrierseurochien
Oct 14, 2003 12:45 PM
Not sure what you use out there but the barriers that are used for ACA 'cross races have an eyelet screwed at each end of the barrier that the rebars go through, the rebar and eyelet assemblies are on the other side of the barrier facing away from competitors so that racers are not at risk of hitting it. Also the rebars are pounded in the ground deep enough that they do not protrude above the barrier.
re: contructing/securing barriersflyweight
Oct 14, 2003 1:44 PM
The barriers we used are very similar but with the eyelets sticking out the ends of the barrier. The barrier is more than 3m wide so that the rebar portion isn't on the course. It's a good design as you only have to drive in two pieces of rebar.
proper tech for hopping barriersbuffalosorrow
Oct 15, 2003 3:55 PM
I have seen a few riders do this, and two different styles.
First is a full leap and allowing the rear wheel to hit the top of the board.

the second was in slow motion and the rider, lifted the front end and "hung" his bike on the board on the back end of the chainring, stoped for a moment and popped off.

I would love to learn this, but what works?
I have read that 12" barriers spaced roughly 9-12' are jumpable, the closer they are the more diffucult to impossible.

Any clues?