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Paging Morati re: Centennial....(5 posts)

Paging Morati re: Centennial....Farmpunker
Oct 14, 2003 11:41 AM
Give me the goods on the course. I didn't get to this one last year. I remember you saying something about a long tough climb. On bike or off? I'm wavering. I might skip it and concentrate my energy on the Durham race, which was my favourite of last year. It'll be mostly weather depending (wuss, I know). I don't want to drive two hours in the rain, with my bike in the back of my truck, to Etobicoke, get crushed, and limp back home a wet noodle.
Anyway, give me the Centennial score, and I'll likely see you there.
Centennial Hill course.......morati
Oct 14, 2003 5:53 PM
Hey Nathan, sweet rig you have there! The Centennial course last year had two major climbs on each lap. I had to hoof it at the top of the first one even though I use a 38x32 first gear. I made the second climb every time but I think everybody else including the pro's ran it. I think the race last year was 8-laps, so that'd make it 16 times up the side of the hill. Other than that the course was pretty good with some singletrack and a pretty good pavement section of about 600-800metres where you could draft really well. Alot of people got flats there though 'cause its in an urban area and there's alot of glass. Hope this helps and you should try to make it. Practice makes perfect! John
Centennial Hill course.......Farmpunker
Oct 15, 2003 3:00 AM
Good info. Thanks. I want to make that race. I'm a wimp, though, and it will be weather depending. My forecast is calling for rain on Saturday and Sunday. But I'm going to Durham no matter what.
Centennial Hill course.......swimbikerunjump
Oct 15, 2003 5:40 AM
I rode it on sunday. The hill up is tough. The hill down is steep. Depends how wet the course is. It's a really good workout, thats for sure.
Centennial Hill course.......morati
Oct 15, 2003 3:45 PM
IMO, the most physically demanding of the Ontario cup courses. This is the one I look forward to the least. Its 5 minutes from my home though so its tough not to do it.