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What the pros run...(2 posts)

What the pros run...flyweight
Oct 13, 2003 8:15 AM
So this weekend was probably the biggest weekend in cross racing in America this year. Our team (thanks to Geoff Proctor) hosted 2001 World Champion Erwin Vervecken and his training party Sten Raymaeker. As team wrench I was volunteered to be their mechanic for the weekend. No pressure. Fortunately for me, Vervecken is a professional and his bike was in perfect condition. Only work on it I had to do was adjust his rear brake. I also got to take care of Alison Dunlap on Saturday. We also had Todd Wells, Dale Knapp, Ann Knapp, and Mark Gullickson hanging out in a our team compound. This gave me a great opportunity to check out what gear all the top pros are running.

Erwin's bike was interesting for what it didn't have. His bike was almost completely stock - nothing at all exotic. Frame is a standard Empella Bonfire SL. Only thing custom about it was the paint job. Components were standard DuraAce with 48x39 rings and 959 pedals. Brakes were Spooky aluminum with blue Koolstop pads. Erwin wasn't running top mount levers. Wheels were stock Fir Antara. A bit rare here in the States but fairly common in Europe. Tires were Dugast with Clement treads. Seatpost was a FSA aluminum model topped with a super soft, not at all light saddle. The saddle looked like the sort of thing that would come off a $500 road bike. It was a "Pro" model which I'm guessing is Empella's house brand. This handlebars and stem were also very plain looking "Pro" brand. His spare bike was a bit ghetto in that he had a 26.0mm handlebar held by a big shim in a 31.8mm stem! You would think a former world champ could at least get a stem/bar combo that matched. All goes to prove it's the ride not the bike.

Sten's bike was a standard Empella Bonfire with an aluminum fork and DuraAce parts. Wheels were from Zipp.

Gully is riding a stock Redline frame with a Sibex titanium fork. Parts were a mix of DuraAce and FSA. Gully had perhaps the most exotic wheels of the day: Reynolds/Lew rims laced to King hubs.

The Knapp's both rode stock Kona frames with WoundUp forks.

Bart Bowen was also riding a stock Kona (not even the Scandium model) with a WoundUp.
re: What the pros run...snwbdrhoon
Oct 17, 2003 4:55 AM
THANKS for this update. It's refreshing to see pros run "real" equipment. Although, I'm sure their wheels cost more than I'm worth!

Great update. Which race was this?