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Bullet-Proof Cross Tires - ?(4 posts)

Bullet-Proof Cross Tires - ?bayou06
Oct 12, 2003 9:53 AM
Any suggestions for some real tough cross tires? I am riding in the desert primarily; high road temps, rocks and gravel. I really don't want to spend all my time changing flats in the heat. TIA for your input.
Campo's: Tuff Enuff?AJS
Oct 12, 2003 6:21 PM
I don't live in the desert, but we have some fairly brutal rock n' root situations in central/northern NY state and nearby in Vermont/Mass. I'm doing great on my Vredestein Campo's. I use both the 28c & 32c sizes, depending.

I don't know if they're "bullet-proof", or how well they'd do in the cauldron of hot desert blacktop, but in 9 tires I've had exactly 2 flats with the Campo's that were not due to simply a worn-out tire. One was because I unavoidably went through a nasty debris patch on the road, and one was a pinch flat from experimenting with a too low PSI, which was my fault anyway.

Sure, some of that's been luck and some because of good riding habits, but I tend to think it's the tires as much as anything. At $40. per, you can't say they're cheap. But for my riding style and conditions they're my fave CX clincher.

(BTW, what kind of flats are you getting - pinchers, tread punctures, sidewall tears, etc?)
Campo's: Tuff Enuff?bayou06
Oct 12, 2003 10:42 PM
Thanks for the info on Campos. Most punctures are through the tread on the MTB tires I am riding on. It's hard to avoid all the rocks here (Kuwait), so it going to be something I have to adapt to. Thanks again.
Here's a good place to get 'em...AJS
Oct 13, 2003 3:50 AM
...and about the cheapest you'll find, (but I don't know if they ship internationally):

You may be able to get them at a good price closer to you and save on shipping costs.(?)