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Anyone use bigger tire on front?(5 posts)

Anyone use bigger tire on front?AJS
Oct 12, 2003 7:18 AM
I've always done so on any of my mt. or cross bikes, ie: right now I'm using Vred Campo's 32c front/28c rear. The idea is to have a bit more "float" and shock absorption up front, while having a bit less rotational weight and better ability to "cut in" on the rear.

This scheme had always worked well for my riding style, and doesn't seem to degrade handling at all. The only time I've ever had a problem is if the front tire was one brand/model and the rear was a different brand/model - the casings, rubber compound, or tread patterns being different might set up rear-to-front swapping, etc.

Any opinions?
Heck yesGlowBoy
Oct 13, 2003 7:27 AM
For trail riding (and riding around town) I run a Twister 700x32 (more like 28-30mm wide) in back, and usually a 700x38 Ritchey Mt. Cross in front. For the occasional race I use a Redline Kross Supreme 700x35 up front.

I have run a Panaracer Smoke 700x45 in front a couple times too.
Oct 13, 2003 10:22 AM
Whoa - I didn't know the Smoke's were made in that size (45c)! Dat's too fat fer me! They must howl when your going down the road.(?)

But seriously, maybe I'm too "old school" about this stuff, but anything over about a 30-32mm. width seems like it's not "rill CX" to me. Well, maybe I can deal with a "narrow" 35c, but that's about my limit for CX.

I mean, with a rubber band that fat, you might as well be on a Mt. bike, no? With a 45mm. (1.77"), you're nearly = to a 1.8 Mt. bike tire. And then I'd consider: how can you make any speed on the hardpack/pavement sections?
Yes and noTWD
Oct 13, 2003 8:29 AM
I've tried running a bigger tire in front of my MTB before with less than stellar results, although it was an extreme difference (2.4 in front 2.0 in back). It really slackened up the angles on the bike and slowed the hanlding which was already borderline for my tastes.

I doubt the differnece in tire sizes on a cross bike would be big enough to affect handling much unless you're running a 28 in back and a huge 29er tire up front.

In over 15 years of mountain biking I have never damaged a front wheel, but have trashed plenty of rear wheels since they take more abuse. I would rather have more cushion in the rear tire to keep from pinch flatting tubes, and flat spotting rims. From a comfort standpoint, it's nice to have a little extra volume up front, but then I'll go with bigger tires front and back.

Also, having a big tire in back helps alot for climbing traction, especially since you can run lower pressure in a bigger tire.
Can be a mixed bag I guess,...AJS
Oct 13, 2003 10:41 AM
...though I'd agree about the handling/speed reduction on a MTB with too big a front. I used to use something like a Geax 2.25 front with a 2.0 rear, or 2.0 F/1.8 R. But as you may know, those frickin' Geax 2.25 Blade's/Sedona's are HUGE, more like a regular DH tire than a cross-country! While that fat 2.25 was nice it the rough sections, it wasn't so great for technical twists n' turns.

However, I'd disagree about bigger on the back. For me, adding the extra rotating weight, especially while trying to get uphill, is never a good thing. I seldom run my PSI that low anyway. Usually I stay in the 80 lb. or higher range for CX'ing, which is why I like tires like Geax's and Vredestein's that grip well at higher PSI's.