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thanks for rim info, now geometry questions...(1 post)

thanks for rim info, now geometry questions...dustin73
Oct 11, 2003 12:36 AM
so i pretty well have the build figured out, including wheels. my problem now lies in the frame. this bike is going to be used on a tour this summer covering 4000 miles, about 75/day (cancer benefit to sponsor? :)). i have no road bike at the moment (just sold it), and hadn't really planned on getting one till after i got an 'all-mtn' frame. money is very tight, but this tour came along. i'm looking for something that can be fast, but comfortable in the long haul. i'm also looking for something that i'll be satisfied with. anywho, questions...

are the geometry differences between CX and a road/touring frame going to be enough to make life miserable while riding this summer? if i slap a pair of road tires on the Aeroheads, will i in essence have a quality road bike that is lower-cat raceable?

if that will work out, mind shooting some frame suggestions at me? right now the front runner is the Ti On-One CX frame. Brant's been really cool to me, and i'd like to support him, but the ~$1200 frame is kinda hurting.